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Authentic Man Program,Sexual Energy Mastery (Repost)

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Authentic Man Program,Sexual Energy Mastery (Repost)

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Imaginewhat it would be like if any woman you were sexually attracted toresponded to you in a way that would tell you she was interested andturned on by you, too.

You look into her eyes and theres asoftness. Her body is relaxed and tingling when shes around you. Shenervously twirls her hair and giggles for no reason. When you brush yourhand against hers, she leans in closer and gently folds her fingersaround yours.

Theres a *zing* that you feel viscerally in yourgut. You feel the potential for something more to happen betweenyou...theres an invitation from her to come closer, do more...

It feels effortless. It feels completely free and natural.

For lots of men, this isnt the typical experience youre having with women. Not even close.

So what ACTUALLY happens to you instead

Heres the typical scenario that plays out for most men.

Yourewith a gorgeous woman youve just met, you feel physically and sexuallydrawn to her, but at the same time you begin to feel a sense of TERROR.

Its almost as if shes an electric fence youre afraid to touch or get too close to, because you might get zapped or burned.

Butyou cant resist...and you feel a powerful sense of craving buildinginto an almost unbearable, deep desire. Its almost painful.

Youfeel it in your throat, in your legs, in the center of your body. Itsan ACHE you need to relieve and the only way to relieve it is to touchthat electric fence.

You take a deep breath, you build up the courage, you decide to go for it...

You take her hand. lays limp in yours.

Everso slightly she backs away from you.... She looks away. Her bodystiffens. Her reaction is so subtle and yet it feels like an immediatepunch to the gut.

She doesnt want you.

You feel ashamed, embarrassed, and stupid.

Whydoes she have such power over you Why do you feel so weak andineffective around her You hate this feeling of powerlessness aroundher”around ANY woman.

So you do what you always do.

You suppress your desire and you hold back. You may even tell yourself that you dont really want her.

And therefore you never get what you really want.

Oh yeah...I know all too well the frustration of not creating what I want sexually with women.

It burns.

Tell me if youve ever experienced any of these things as well...

Do you ever:

Feelguilty or ashamed about your sexual desire / sexuality, and want tounlock the unapologetic primal, masculine animal inside
Feelfrustrated about not being able to consistently create that sparkofsexual attraction with women youve just met...(often ending up ignored,or placed in the Friend Zone at best)
Long to feel the sexual spark return to your relationship
Havetrouble physically escalating with women (from talking to touching tokissing to foreplay, etc...)”and feel the burn of her disappointmentwhen you wuss out from making the move
Feel like a loser because you dont even show up on the radar of the hottest women you most want to be with
Feelinsecure about your skills in bed because the woman seemsdisappointed and even ANGRY after youve been sexual with her(ESPECIALLY if shes your girlfriend or wife...)
Feel nervous about APPROACHING a woman because youre unsure if you can even please her, sexually
If youve felt some or all of these, they almost always boil down to the same fundamental challenge:

Youre cut off from the very part of you that is capable of turning her ON and deeply pleasing her in every way...

Access to your Sexual Power.

And...youre not alone.

Werecently did a survey and, as it turns out, accessing and acting onsexual desire is one of the TOP CHALLENGES men face in dating andrelationships.

It Affects EVERY INTERACTION You Have With Women.

Ifyoure not feeling totally solid in your sexual desire and sexualpower...women will see it like a big NEON SIGN over your head...

If youre meeting her for the first time, she can sense it.
If you express your sexual interest by asking her out...she knows it instantly by the way you approach her.
And if youre already in a relationship and want to re-stoke the sense your desperation.
Ifyoure escalating the interaction from talking to holding hands tokissing to foreplay...she can tell if youre feeling insecure and weak.
Your Body Doesnt Lie (And You Cant Hide It)

Women can tell, even by the sound of a mans voice, whether hes a desirable sexual partner”

Consider:Theres a reason that the stereotype exists for guys who aretraditionally unsuccessful with women”theyre always portrayed in movieswith a NASALLY voice...because in reality these guys do tend to have agreat deal of shyness and shame around their sexuality.

Its nota coincidence that the men who ARE successful with women tend to havevoices that are naturally settled and resonate from DEEP WITHIN THE BODY(think Barry White)...

And this isnt about just speaking in alower register, or taking voice lessons”more outer game tactics thatend up being a distraction and taking you away from actually beingpresent with her (NOT a good thing).

Thats like trying to fix your plumbing by painting your house! The majority of men have got it all backward!

See, the roots go DEEPER, to your very RELATIONSHIP WITH SEX ITSELF.

Thats why Im sharing this with you today...and what youre about to read here could change EVERYTHING in your life...
This happens to be a challenge thats near and dear to my heart, because this was MY big sticking point years ago.

I Might As Well Have Been Castrated...

Yearsago, I was completely cut off from my sexual desire and my sexualpower. I was seriously sick from the pain of being the nice guy whowas NEVER considered to be a potential lover or sexual partner. And...

Nothaving the sexual connections I wanted had me feeling needy for sexand a lack of closeness with women...I needed the warmth, the closeness,the juicy femininity of her body. Without it, my life felt cold,disconnected, and empty.

Which, in turn, made women feel even LESS turned on around me...

It became a Downward spiral of the poor getting poorer.

I Hit Rock Bottom...

When I met a gorgeous San Francisco ballet dancer”a woman I had been hanging out with and had fallen madly in love with.

I wanted her to see me as a sexual being, and longed to go deeper and take things further with her

Instead, after embarrassing myself by making a move on her and being rejected, she told me she loved me, but only as a friend...

Andthen she became my best friend Deckers lover and girlfriend...becauseshe knew, INTUITIVELY, that he could blow her WORLD open, sexually...

Excruciatingly painful.

I KNEW that my sexual capacity was right there, just WAITING to be unleashed...but HOW

Istudied everything I could get my hands on”Pickup, Freudian Psychology,Sexual Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, Hypnotic Patterning,NLP, Tantra, Taoist Sexual Practices, and even Sexological BodyWork...

I spent several years sifting through endless sexualteachings. Some were interesting but useless, while other teachings wereutterly ridiculous. But every now and then Id come across somethingthat was a life-changing concept.

In fact, I discovered that there are...

3 Ways Youre Blocking Her Sexual Attraction to You
(And You Dont Even Realize It)

Physicalblocks”Youhold tension in your body, breathe wrong, youre unable tohold or enjoy feeling sexual energy without needing to discharge itsomehow by fidgeting or twitching (which turns her off).
Emotional /Mental Blocks”You believe you cant do it, you assume youll fail, youkeep hearing the negative messages about sex from past girlfriends orparents/siblings/religion running through your head and its holding youback, youre scared to try, you worry about what others will think ofyour desires (Sex is wrong, bad, dirty, etc...).
InterpersonalBlocks”She doesnt trust you. You dont feel a connection. She treatsyou like a pal or a girlfriend more than a man and a potential sexualpartner. She doesnt display any kind of sexual tension aroundyou”almost as if theres no gender difference.
Like most all guys,Ive experienced some aspects of all 3...but lucky for me (and you) Imthe kind of guy wholl scour the entire planet for a solution to theproblem, and so...

I Became OBSESSED with Getting This HANDLED

It wasnt easy. Some of the stuff I tried made me feel pretty uncomfortable!

I visualized having a 10-foot schlong...
I bought and used pheromones, thinking, Hey, maybe its just a chemical thing.
I read books and articles about female sexuality, including the same old tips on where to find the G-spot...
I took testosterone supplements, thinking it would make me feel more masculine.
I bought expensive clothes (which only made me feel like a castrated chump in an expensive suit).
I slept with women I wasnt really into, just to feel close to a woman.
Ieven considered online dating or joining some matchmaking service, butstopped when I realized, Whats the point, when I have the same crappy,humiliating experience with just about every woman Im attracted to!
But slowly and steadily, over time, I did find the practices that were truly effective. I finally found what WORKED.

AndI went from being sexually SHUT DOWN to now being able to tap into myprimal, masculine attraction for women in such a way so that THEY feelit, too.

FINALLY, women stopped ignoring me and started relating to me as a potential LOVER instead of just a friend.

Withinthe first moments of our meeting, their eyes would light up...theywould play with their hair, get nervous...and I could feel the circuitof sexual attraction between us in my body...
Escalating theinteractionfelt natural, not terrifying”the progression of talking...toexpressing sexual holding hands to kissing to foreplay tosex...became an EFFORTLESS UNFOLDING...the obvious next step guided bythis new access to my sexual desire and sexual power.
And once I wasIN the relationship, I had new access to Building and Sustaining sexualattraction, as well as tools and practices to stoke the fire ifthings started cooling off.
Now that Im finally on the other side,and creating some of the most rewarding sexual experiences with women Icould have ever imagined, I can tell you that...

Its Not Your Fault

In our modern civilization, our sexuality has been socialized, domesticated... TAMED.

Ourconnection, as our MASCULINE SEXUAL our PRIMAL,CARNAL NATURE...has been suppressed, squashed, shut down...and so itcomes out sideways...

In less-than-healthy ways (pornaddiction, food cravings, desperate outbursts or intense withdrawals,etc.) that have both men (AND women) missing out on one of the mostrewarding aspects of being human.

But YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. Im living proof.

Forthe last several years Ive taken the concepts I learned that finallyworked for me into my private coaching practice with thousands of menand in our AMP Intensive weekend trainings...with excellent results.
Jerry, 28
Detroit, MI

I Went From Being Enjoying Feeling My Turn-On With Women...

Beforeworking with Bryan, I was TERRIFIED of having sexual feelings aroundwomen, and DEFINITELY around women I was attracted to.

Now, Ifeel totally relaxed about it, andenjoy how juicy and exciting it is,for me AND for the women I have this attraction with...

Myability to create attraction with women has dramatically increased sinceworking with Bryan...What a relief, and so rewarding to have suchfreedom around this area of my life!

23 ,noseppeJ yesaC

Ihad no idea how to direct my sexual desire in a healthy way”and it wasdriving me (and the women in my life) CRAZY”until Bryan shared with me atool that had me feeling WAY more grounded. Its made ME more sane, andwomen say its made a HUGE difference in their sexual attraction towardme...

Over time, Ive thrown out the tools that havent worked,and continued refining the ones that DO work....Im finally at thepoint where I want you to benefit from the full decade Ive spentresearching this...


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