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The Keto Summit (2016)

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The Keto Summit (2016)

The Keto Summit (2016)
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31 Experts Show You EXACTLY How To Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy & Athletic Performance , and even Prevent Cancer…Using a Ketogenic Diet. Over 30,000 people attended the 2016 Keto Summit. But you still have a chance to be a part of it. When you click the button to the right, you'll have the opportunity to get EVERYTHING (all the videos, transcripts, bonuses, and more) immediately and for life.
The Keto Summit Will Help You…

Stop using "little" tricks that only get you "little" results…
Get started on a Keto Diet, the RIGHT way…
Overcome stalling and plateaus to get unstuck and start making progress with your weight loss and health…
Learn the TRUTH about what the most up-to-date research is actually proving about nutrition, health, performance, and illness…
Boost your energy and keep you from feeling tired and fatigued all the time…
Help you look and feel better without constant hunger…
Improve your energy & athletic performance with strategies from the world's best researchers and scientists…

You Will Love This Event If…

You've heard of a Keto diet, but you don't know how to get started…
You feel like you're stuck and can't make progress with your body, weight loss, and health…
You're ready to hear the TRUTH about what the most up-to-date research is actually proving about nutrition, health, performance, and illness…
You often feel tired or sad and don't know why…
You want to look and feel better without constant hunger…
You're tried of trying "little" tricks that only get you "little" results…
You want to learn from the world's leading scientists, practitioners, and researchers exactly how to improve your energy & athletic performance…


Do you remember playing the "telephone game" as a kid? (You might have called it by a different name.)
You'd sit in a circle, and one person would whisper a message to the person next to them. It would keep going until the message got all the way around the circle.
But by the time the message got back to the first person, it would be COMPLETELY different.
Well…the same thing is happening with your health…
99% of the health information you read or hear has been through so many people that it's completely useless.
The media, bloggers, and even friends and family repeat information until it's inaccurate, conflicting, and wrong. Worse, many folks in the media intentionally distort information to make it seem more shocking.

We are bringing the world's leading researchers, doctors, and scientists DIRECTLY to you.
And it's not hype to say that these men and women are the best in the world. In each of their fields - whether it's medicine or research - they are getting results that others are not getting. That includes everything from weight loss to preventing cancer to reversing Alzheimer's to improving the performance of Olympic athletes.
This is your chance to dramatically improve your health, energy, and entire life with cutting-edge knowledge directly from experts who practice what they preach.
And it's entirely FREE.

This is your chance to cut through all the misinformation and discover the ways that a keto diet can help you have a body and life you love.
This free, online event will show you exactly how to best live a keto lifestyle and how a keto diet can help you achieve your specific health goals.
And our experts will show you all of this without dumbing it down or giving you only one or two pieces of the puzzle.
Imagine being able to change your life (or the life of a loved one) with this knowledge.
After listening to these presentations, you'll feel empowered and just bursting with knowledge that you can apply in your own life as well as intelligibly explain to everyone who asks you about your diet!

Here is What You'll Discover…
1. How your hunger is driven by the way that you fuel your body.
2. Simple, easy ways to test whether or not your body is burning fat and ketones.
3. Things you MUST do properly on a Keto Diet in order to avoid common problems.
4. Effective strategies for breaking through weight-loss and energy plateaus.
5. How your mood is rooted in the food you eat. Almost nobody talks about this.
6. Supplements that can help you get into ketosis (and feel better).
7. Is Keto just a "hack" or "fad" - what the science REALLY says about it.
8. The real cause of weight gain and fatigue…and why mainstream doctors don't talk about this.
9. Why Keto diets work better in the long run, and how to make sure it works for you.
10. How to make simple Keto meals and snacks that taste great and supercharge your body.

Your hosts for the Keto Summit are Christopher Kelly and Louise Hendon.
Christopher is a professional mountain-bike racer and also founder of Nourish, Balance, Thrive. Over the past 3 years, he has interviewed hundreds of the world's leading health experts.

Louise graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Physics, and she is author of The Essential Keto Cookbook and founder


The Keto Summit (2016)

× The Keto Summit (2016)

The Keto Summit (2016)

Wow! What a picture!

Day 01
Ben Greenfield - The Bigger Picture: Diet & Lifestyle Hacks to Look and Perform Your Best
How he first got into ketosis.
Why a keto diet has enhanced his endurance athletic performance.
The particular times it can be tough to be completely in ketosis.
Genetic testing and what it can tell you about your ability to handle carbs.
Air quality and EMF - could they be affecting your blood glucose response?
Why you might need to significantly increase your calories - particularly when it comes to certain hormone markers.
What your thyroid can tell you about how your keto diet is affecting your body.
Essential Amino Acids and how they can help you avoid fatigue as an athlete.
Electrolytes and why athletes and keto dieters are often so low.
Sleep supplements for increasing sleep quality.
How to more easily get your body into a fat-burning mode.

Patrick Arnlod - Keto Supplements: The Science, the Myths, and How to Best Use Supplements
How he got started with ketone esters (and why the military wanted them).
MCT Oils and what to look for in a good oil.
Ketoforce 2 announcement - how it's better and what it can do for you.
How Patrick was able to to make a free-acid keto supplement more stable so that he could lower the sodium and potassium salts.
KetoForce versus KetoCaNa versus KetoShield.
Endurance versus power sports and how supplements should be used or not used.
Is supplement purity an issue?
Why so many supplements are not what they say they are - and what they contain instead.
What the research is really showing about ketosis and supplements - and why it's bigger than reported.

Jason Fung - Controlling Sugar, Beating Diabetes, & Losing Weight on a Keto Diet
Why the current way of treating diabetes and related diseases is like pumping gas into the back seat of your car.
Why you need to GET RID of the excess sugar in your body, not just in your blood. It's all about TOTAL sugar, not just blood sugar.
How eating more times per day can actually cause weight gain and contribute to disease.
Why fasting is one of the best things to add to a keto diet.
When you SHOULDN'T fast.
Diabetes is not a one-way street. You can completely reverse and cure it.
A story about Gino, who was diabetic, was told to exercise and diet, but wasn't making any progress. Jason tells how Gino started treating the underlying hormonal issues, and as a result, he dropped weight, improved insulin sensitivity, and his diabetes went away.
How most medication and treatment of diabetes simply rams more sugar into your overloaded cells.
Why exercise is generally such a failure for both weight loss and treating illness.
Most of us put energy into our bodies for 18 hours a day and expend it for just 6 hours a day.
Insulin resistance is not just about sugar or carbs. In fact, insulin resistance is driven by a lot more than carbs.
One thing that can significantly increase your insulin sensitivity.
Why eating too many calories is more of an effect than a cause.
The problem and fallacy with the show The Biggest Loser.
How and why one guy fasted several times for 30 days (and why he loves doing it).

Marty Kandall - More Important than Ketones - How to Optimize Your Health and Energy
Why neither of the extremes (therapeutic ketosis or plant-based diets) may be right for you.
The 3 primary components of optimizing nutrition for any individual.
How many foods (not just high-carb) produce a much higher or lower insulin response than you think.
Why micro-nutrient density is more important than macro-nutrient composition.
Which foods contain the best array of vitamins and minerals? (It's not what you think.)
The power of fasting for insulin sensitivity and energy production.
How to ensure that your mitochondria keep functioning properly and producing loads of energy.

Day 02
Mark Sisson - Maximizing Athletic Performance: Keto, Energy Production, and Sleep Hacking
How a lack of proper nutrition derailed much of Mark's athletic career, and why he's actually happy about that.
How to properly use a low carb diet as an athlete.
Clean versus toxic ways of generating energy in your body.
Why creating more mitochondria is critical to burning more fat.
Big mistakes that many athletes make when starting out on Keto.
Why it can take up to a year to become fully adapted - even if you're doing everything right.
The heart rate you need to maintain in order to become more adapted to burning fat.
Why Mark doesn't stay in ketosis all the time.
Working out - how much and what types work best.
Travel Hacking - why it's critical to quickly get your sleep in order when traveling.
How most athletic information is far out of date.

Tom O'Bryan - The Most Important But Overlooked Keys to Complete Health
The 3 most important things you can do immediately, regardless of whether or not you're even keto yet.
Why you need to pay attention to more than just your macronutrients.
The one thing you can do in the morning that makes the rest of your day immediately easier and better.
How Dr. O'Bryan started by helping women get pregnant but then found a bigger issue that was plaguing almost everybody.
How to ensure that you're able to continue living WELL into old age.
Why losing weight too quickly can actually cause problems with your health.
Stress and how it's harder to deal with ever, and why that makes it extra important for you to eat the right foods.
Oral tolerance and why food sensitivities, allergies, and illnesses happen suddenly.
Autoimmune disorders, their causes, and how you might need to tailor your keto diet.
The way that we're SUPPOSED to feel all the time, and why you aren't feeling that way in your life now.
Why you should always follow your bliss, and how Dr. O'Bryan found his own.

Maria Emmerich - Practical Keto: Cooking, Kids, and Making it All as Easy as Possible
Top mistakes that people make when starting out on a keto diet.
How people gain weight on keto - often without wanting to.
Anxiety and Stress and how they play into your overall health.
Why you must focus first on healing your gut before keto will make a big difference.
Keto foods that you should cut even though they're low carb.
Skin products and how they're also affecting your health and metabolism.
Feeding your kids a keto diet…how to get them to love it.
Top tips for planning ahead and making it easy to stick to keto.
Reducing cravings - particularly when caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Cooking - how to make it easy and why it's necessary.
Fasting and how to get used to it very quickly.

Tommy Wood - What to Do When Your Keto Diet Isn’t Working: Underlying Issues and Overlooked Tweaks
Is a ketogenic diet not right for some people?
Rethinking goals for weight loss and body composition.
The biggest underlying issues that can hold you back from changing your body.
Sex hormones and how you might be decreasing your sex drive.
Why food quality is usually much more important than macronutrient composition.
Calories and why counting doesn’t usually work - but why you must pay attention anyway.
Hunger and nutrient density - the most important foods to be eating.
Training loads and cycling calories.
Breakfast - should you be eating in the morning?
How your light exposure could be significantly impacting your health.
Community and the role that it plays in your health.

Day 03
Kenneth Ford - Slowing Aging, Building Muscle, and the Future of Health Technology
His history with both NASA and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.
18 Years - the approximate amount of time that Dr. Ford has been on a Keto diet, and what he's learned from it.
How a ketogenic diet could potentially help with space travel.
Aging: How a Ketogenic diet can slow your aging and prevent muscle loss.
Stopping muscle loss - why and how to use a ketogenic diet to actually gain rather than lose muscle.
Do you need to supplement on a keto diet - is it even necessary?
The future of ketone esters and how they can help optimize your diet and performance.
How LOWER ketone levels can actually decrease your performance and drain your energy.
Fascinating new technology that builds muscle without working out.
Using a Ketogenic diet to potentially fight off pathogens.

Max Lugavere - Cognitive and Neurological Decline - How to Slow Aging and Live a Better Life
How Max's mom started forgetting things at an early age, and how that drove Max to deep dive into health and nutrition.
The various ways that diet, exercise, and other aspects of lifestyle can dramatically slow aging and cognitive decline.
The difference between chronological and biological aging, and what it means for your diet and life.
The most non-controversial food you should be eating for better brain health.
Why metabolic flexibility is so important, how to get more of it, and how your genetic carbohydrate tolerance might play a role.
Carbohydrates as a performance-enhancing drug - how they could be useful and why they should be limited.
Max discusses a huge multimodal study from one of the world's leading dementia researchers, including the findings and what can decrease your chances of developing cognitive decline and dementia.
The ONE factor that is present in the brains of ALL alzheimer patients, and how to prevent it.
Fasting - why it's beneficial and the evolutionary need for it.
The overwhelming reasons why you should probably NEVER eat gluten.
Why you must be sure to include enough fiber in your ketogenic diet.
How to get the right kinds and amount of hormetic stress for your body and mind.
Meditation - why it matters and how to learn to do it correctly.

Tyler Bramlett - Beyond Keto: Creating Lifelong Habits and Why Getting Exercise Right is Critical
How to figure out the right exercises for your life and body.
Why it makes sense to start as simply as possible.
Superficial goals - why it's important to focus on superficial goals, despite what you feel like you SHOULD focus on.
How to sustain changes - why most people can't lock in gains, and how to avoid this pitfall.
The five things you must focus on no matter what.
Why exercise might actually be more important than diet to focus on at first.
The biggest failure points in creating great health habits.
Tracking - why it's so important and how not tracking will doom most of your efforts.
Where to start if you have injuries or limited mobility.
How testing can be very helpful for not just treating illness but also for motivation.
Why Tyler has cut out almost all gluten, even though he's a fan of not striving for perfection.

Bryan Walsh - Interpreting Your Blood Tests and Biomarkers More Accurately and Effectively
The Electron Transport Chain and the pathways through which your cells can create energy.
FADH2:NADH ratios and why they matter for your insulin sensitivity, fatigue, and energy production.
The best way to learn the biochemistry and physiology underlying all other issues.
How long you should stay on a keto diet - from a physiological and evolutionary perspective.
HDL and why it's not always as good as you think.
Uric acid levels and what it means for your cells while on a keto diet.
How pH levels are affected by a keto diet and what it means.
Why feeling good might not be the best indicator for health.

Day 04
Dave Asprey - Major Keto Pitfalls, Inflammation, & Supplements for Mental Performance
The worst diet he ever tried. How he lost 25 pounds in a week but gained it all back.
How protein stalled Dave’s fat loss and how it can cause inflammation in your body.
Why you can be in ketosis but still not be losing weight. (Hint: it has to do with inflammation.)
Nightshades and how they can ruin your diet, cause pain and inflammation, and prevent weight loss.
Why you should ALWAYS cook your kale.
The place to start for developing more focus, willpower, and mental peace and happiness.
The best process for figuring out exactly which foods cause problems for your body, and a free app that can make this much easier for you.
How two of your most important hormones - Ghrelin and CCK - are critical for fighting cravings. Plus, how to influence these hormones.
Why occasional protein fasting is super-important for autophagy (and why autophagy is vital).
Why most MCT oil is junk, and what you should look for in your MCT oil.
The keys to biohacking and having the energy to change the world around you.
Why mold and other environmental toxins may be keeping you unhealthy despite a great diet.

Tom Seyfried - Keto and Cancer: How to Treat and Prevent Cancer with Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplements
Why the way we currently treat cancer creates so many adverse effects.
The theory that most cancer treatment is based on, but which is no longer a valid theory.
The REAL causes of cancer cells - it’s not mutations of the cell nucleus.
How the ways we treat some cancers actually causes cancers cells to proliferate.
How metabolic treatment may be able to raise cancer survivorship by 30-40% TOTAL.
How a keto diet can potentially treat some cancers with fewer side effects.
Why the medical industry won’t allow new treatments for cancer.
Depriving cancer cells of sugar - how to do it and why it might be an effective treatment.
The differences between treating cancer and trying to healthy or athletic.
The root causes of cancer in the cell, and what you can do to prevent this.
How to protect your mitochondria with a keto diet and which types of supplements can also help.

Eric Westman - Solving Obesity and Metabolic Disease - The Simplest Methods for the Most Effective Results
Why there’s still such a phobia of cholesterol and fats.
Dr. Westman’s simple approach to obesity, and why it works so well.
Whack-a-Mole and why most people hit weight-loss plateaus.
How even some low-carb foods can be trigger-foods for weight gain.
When exercise might be the wrong place to start.
Do carbs cause disease?
Why being less strict is sometimes the right call to make

Day 05
Tim Noakes - Controlling Your Hunger, Feeding Your Kids, and How to Feel Your Best
The money behind food that keeps doctors and scientists from agreeing.
How to create change both for yourself and in your community with respect to nutrition and health.
How to figure out the optimal diet for your particular body.
Does your cholesterol level tell you anything at all?
The best way to evaluate your glucose tolerance.
Why he had a huge change of heart after decades of giving certain advice to athletes.
Gestational diabetes, and why some people are more genetically predisposed to insulin resistance.
Tim’s thoughts on whether measuring ketones is critical, and why it’s tough for many people.
Controlling hunger and why small slip-ups can lead to even bigger ones.
Feeding children to provide a foundation of healthy eating.

Phil Maffetone - Athletic Performance: Mastering Energy Production and Output
Athletic performance and the real (base) source of our energy.
How diet can take preference over your athletic performance and adaptation.
The Two-Week Test and what it can show you about your body and potential.
High blood pressure and what it’s likely a sign of.
How your age can often dramatically effect how many carbs your body can handle.
Why cheating even once in a while can do a LOT of damage to your body.
Moderation and why it’s such a dangerous concept for your diet.
How to turn off the genes for heart disease.
Diet - how just the concept of a diet is probably making you less healthy.
Fasting - when it can be good and when it might not be the best idea.
Why ketosis can potentially make women much more fertile.

Richard D. Feinman - A Deep Dive into Metabolism, Energy, Phosphorylation, and Thermodynamics
What’s really wrong with the medical literature.
How your metabolism really works - on either glucose or ketones.
Thermodynamics and why it’s not as simple as it seems in your body - particularly when it comes to calories.
The Krebs Cycle, Phosphorylation, and how your body creates energy.
Why it’s possible that calories in may not equal calories used.
Why most science you hear about is factually incorrect.
Scientific studies on low-carb diets - what’s the verdict?
Weight loss and appetite regulation on a low carb diet.
Why the mainstream community is unlikely to embrace keto diets in the near future.
How to know whether a study is a good one or not.

Dr. Kirk Parsley - Controlling Hunger, Improving Mental Clarity, & Optimizing Hormones
Why Navy SEALs were repeatedly seeing metabolic issues, including aberrant hormones and low testosterone.
Alcohol and why it can dramatically disrupt production of important hormones.
How to improve your sleep so that everything else starts to fall into place.
How to make better decisions and have more willpower - it’s not magic.
Ghrelin and Leptin - how to optimize your hormones and subsequently your hunger.
Using a keto diet for more stable mental energy.
Why you’re almost certainly not fully sleep-adapted, and how it’s likely impairing your performance and health.
How a keto diet might actually reduce your need for sleep.
How to support recovery, your parasympathetic nervous system, and melatonin.
The easiest way to make a ketogenic diet easier.

Day 06
Robb Wolf - Regulating Appetite, Healing Brain Injuries, & Sustaining Athletic Performance
How he is using a keto diet to help treat traumatic brain injury (with superb results).
How he sustains intense physical training without giving up the benefits of a keto diet.
Why food sensitivities can drive insulin response and what that means for your diet.
Legumes - should they be a part of your diet?
Performance versus Health - how to balance them and why they don't always line up.
Food quality - why it matters, but why even without it, you might get great results initially.
How inflammation can result simply from eating too often.
Whether you should eat early or late in the day?

Cate Shanahan - Oxidative Stress, Meal Frequency, & Minimizing Risk of Chronic Illnesses
The ancient bacteria in your cells that are both vital and deadly.
The types of fats that will cause illness and obesity, even in a Keto diet.
How vegetable oils can damage your mitochondria and various important enzymes.
Oxidative Stress and how it leads to almost every disease (heart disease, depression, Alzheimer's, cancer, and more).
What high or low HDL and LDL actually mean - and how it's directly related to your diet.
When and why high ketone levels could be a problem.
Meal timing and why eating frequently can be one of the worst things you can do.
How a lack of fresh vegetables could cause a spiral of damage in your body.
Why eating fish in mustard or tomato sauce can help protect the delicate fats.

Ivor Cummins - Preventing Heart Disease through Diet, Lifestyle, and Diagnostic Testing
Why smoking is worse for some people than for others.
The perfect storm of sugar that leads to inflammation and heart disease.
When sugar isn't nearly as bad for you.
The 5 patterns of insulin resistance and what they mean for you.
Diabetes - why you might be in danger without even knowing it.
Why the medical industry has a vested interest in not changing its approach to illness.
The foods that Ivor would ALWAYS stay away from.
One micronutrient that almost everybody should supplement with.
The lab test that will give you a 15-year insurance policy against heart disease.
A quick foray into why cholesterol barely matters at all.

Day 07
Jimmy Moore - Dealing with Stress: Using Diet to Improve Both Body & Lifestyle
How he got started in Keto, Low Carb, and Fasting.
Why he is now so interested in fasting.
The main mistakes that newbies make.
Why measuring ketones can be so important - especially at first.
The best ways to measure for ketones - and why it can take longer for some folks to see results.
Net carbs versus total carbs and how the difference can limit your results.
The types of meat that will most easily put you into ketosis.
The absolute biggest hurdles to making keto work.
Iron Overload and how to tell if you’re likely suffering from it.
Nutrient deficiencies and the cheapest way to fix them.

Menno Henselmans - The Ketogenic Diet for Maximum Strength, Muscle, and Weight Loss
How to achieve an amazing physique on a Keto diet.
Building maximum muscle and strength on a Keto diet.
Which sports and athletes are ACTUALLY more or less dependent on glycogen.
When and when not to consume carbs for strength and muscle gains.
How to find out if Keto isn't very beneficial for your particular body.
Maintaining muscle and bone while losing weight.
Chronic inflammation, and how a keto diet can potentially help to control and reduce inflammation.
For building muscle - does the research support any benefits of a keto diet?
The biggest pitfalls on a keto diet - particularly for athletes.
How to use AI as your new personal trainer.

Mike T Nelson - Should You Eat Carbs at All? How to Build Better Metabolic Flexibility
What metabolic flexibility really is and how to improve it.
Why diabetes (type 2) and metabolic disease are linked to metabolic inflexibility.
How you can look great but still be very unhealthy.
When is the RIGHT time to eat carbohydrates?
The best and most proven ways to keep yourself from overeating.
Why calories still matter on a ketogenic diet, even though they’re easier to control.
Which sports and exercise demand glucose and carbohydrates and which can depend more on ketones.
Can you train on ketones and then perform on glycogen?
If you’re going to eat more carbs (for training or otherwise), when should you eat them?
Mike’s thoughts on fasting, as well as why you might need to ease into fasting.
How to measure and track metabolic flexibility.

Ron Rosedale - How to Slow Aging & Prevent Chronic Disease: New Research and Pathways
Insulin resistance and what really makes you fat.
How being fat actually keeps you from being diabetic (at least for a while).
Why the way that insulin resistance and diabetes is typically treated is completely backwards.
Why osteoporosis has nothing to do with a lack of calcium.
The benefit of ketones, but why they’re not the end-goal.
What causes high Triglycerides and what it means for you.
The most important biomarker of aging.
Protein in your diet and whether you should limit it or not.
How fasting can help to keep you both healthy and young.
Target of Rapamycin and why you need to know about it.

Day 08
Chris Masterjohn - Potential Keto Pitfalls: Micronutrient Density and Common Thyroid Problems
What tooth decay and a little historical perspective can tell us about health.
The two non-obvious principles of health that we're unaware of today.
Nutrient density and how your diet might not be measuring up.
How eliminating starch could potentially make your diet worse if you're not careful.
Why genetic and social differences can make a big difference in diets.
How to make sure that your diet isn't missing essential micronutrients - which are likely far more important than your macronutrient composition.
Major potential pitfalls of a keto diet, including thyroid function.
Why having very low bodyfat may make a keto diet not as good of a choice.
What to look for in thyroid tests to determine proper thyroid function.
How a keto diet might help to improve your gut function.

Dan Pardi - Weight Loss: What Works, What Doesn't, and When to Use or Not Use a Keto Diet
Is a Keto diet the best way to lose weight?
Why you need to be VERY careful AFTER you lose weight.
Making weight loss easy, and why it's important for it not to be too hard.
How to better maintain weight loss.
How hunger, weight loss, and weight gain ACTUALLY work in your brain.
Your bodyweight set point and how you can change it.
The types of fat that can be very problematic for your body and for weight loss.
Why a keto diet - not just high fat - can help you control hunger.
The Mediterranean Diet and how it could potentially work WITH a Keto diet.
Solving memory loss and depression through diet.
Stress - how it affects your eating and what to do about it.

Kieran Clarke - The Future of Ketone Supplements: Is a Ketogenic Diet Even Necessary?
Ketone supplements and why you might use them in addition to, or instead of, a ketogenic diet.
How ketone salts and esters can achieve dramatic levels of ketosis.
How Prof. Clarke was able to significantly improve the athletic performance of elite rowers.
Why ketone esters are able to provide instant almost unlimited energy.
Why ketosis is perhaps not ideal for exercise lasting under 16 minutes.
How ketones and ketone supplements can help athletic and exercise recovery.
The best process for figuring out exactly which foods cause problems for your body, and a free app that can make this much easier for you.

Day 09
Dominic D'Agostino - Neurodegenerative Diseases, Ketone Supplements, and the Future of Keto for Disease Treatment
Cellular Resilience - what it is and why it matters so much to your health, longevity, and performance.
Classical versus Modified Keto Diets - which is better and why supplementing may make a big difference.
Differences among various ketone supplements and their effects on your body.
Why going keto likely means that you need to significantly increase your sodium intake.
Is it possible to make a keto supplement that tastes even OK?
Are ketone esters safe?
Should you train and/or compete as an athlete in a keto or modified keto state?

Patricia Daly - Cancer: A Practical Approach for Preventing and Healing with Keto
How she helped herself and others overcome cancer and regain their hold on life.
The current state of cancer research - how it’s not conclusive, but definitely very compelling.
Why diet is not always the first or only thing Patricia starts with for a client.
Carb targets for people dealing with and treating cancer.
Food recommendations for people aiming to get into therapeutic ketosis.
Food groups that spike IGF-1 and should definitely be avoided.
How exercise can help you tolerate more protein on a keto diet.
Where to get started as a practitioner.

Catherine Crofts - Improving, Measuring, and Mastering Insulin Sensitivity
Why fasting insulin is not a very useful biomarker.
How to better measure your insulin sensitivity.
Spotting trends in how your hormones are functioning, and why this is far more important than a snapshot in time.
Individual patterns for insulin response, and why measuring your insulin sensitivity depends highly on what pattern you are.
The primary function of insulin and why it’s not what you or most doctors think.
Why eating too frequently can be a huge problem for weight loss.
How your eyes could actually predict - 7 years in advance - whether or not you’ll develop diabetes.
Exercise - why some types of exercise can actually spike insulin levels.
Glucose tolerance tests - and why they’re not effective at all for certain people.
Keto versus Low Carb versus Mediterranean for weight loss.
Saturated Fat versus Monounsaturated - why some folks do better with one or the other.

Day 10
Grace Liu - Healing and Protecting Your Gut Health: Prebiotics, Veggies, & More
The best nutrigenomic tools and functional lab testing for rebuilding your gut microbiome.
How Grace is often able to resolve depression and anxiety through the gut.
How to optimize your gut bacteria for testosterone production.
How your gut bacteria can completely change your fertility as a woman.
Why a low-carb diet can potentially disrupt your gut bacteria.
Living past 100 - what you can learn about your gut from the oldest people in the world.
Weight Loss - How diversity of gut bacteria is critically important.
How exercise affects your gut.
Potato starch and the dangers of feeding the wrong gut bacteria.
How your gut bacteria can promote depression and chronic fatigue - particularly on a keto diet.
Why athletes are particularly prone to iron overload as they age.

Travis Christofferson - The Path Toward Solving Cancer & Complete Metabolic Optimization
How a 100-year-old scientist can show you more about cancer and diet than almost any modern researcher.
Why cancer is more metabolic than genetic, and how most theories of cancer have it wrong.
It’s not what’s in the genes of your cells, but rather, what’s in the food your cells eat.
How the Internet has massively shifted our understanding and treatment of cancer and other diseases.
Why cancer loves sugar, and what you can do about it.
How a Keto diet can shut down the majority of pathways that drive and fuel cancer.
How one man shrunk a fatal tumor with diet and supplements, and how he’s kept living years beyond his prognosis.
How the medical system is incentivized currently to NOT prevent or cure cancer. And what some places are doing about it.

Luis Villasenor - Breaking Down Keto Myths: How to Use a Keto Diet for Any Health Goals
Why just eating less carbs isn’t always enough for weight loss.
Carb-Loading - why it sounds appealing but usually doesn’t work well.
Keto for muscle and bodybuilding - how you need to modify your diet.
Cheat meals/days and when you should and shouldn’t have them.
The #1 stumbling block to losing weight - and it’s all in your head.
Gaining weight - you can definitely do it while keto.
Weight-Lifting and why most people make little or no progress.
Where to start with strength-training if you’ve got little or no experience.
How getting more protein can actually be a great thing on keto.
Why chasing ketones can limit your results.

BONUS #1: Keto Supplements Video
The 6 nutrients that everybody should consider supplementing through food or supplements.
One other nutrient that most athletes are deficient in.
How to know if you're deficient in these nutrients.
How to find the best quality supplements, and which forms to take.
Whether you need exogenous ketones and what the potential benefits are.
Deeper down the rabbit hole to 2 new and exciting supplements.

BONUS #2: Quick & Easy Keto Cooking: Keto Bread, Push-Pops, Smoked Ribs, & More with Maria Emmerich
Easy keto food options to keep on hand.
What to do if you're busy - especially if you have kids.
5-10 minute options for when you have no time at all.
Complete walkthrough of how to make Keto Wonder-Bread.
How to smoke the perfect ribs.
Complete walkthrough of how to make Keto Creamsicle Push-Pops.







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