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Amish Shah - Project Yourself

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Amish Shah - Project Yourself
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An invitation from Inc. 500 entrepreneur & metaphysical explorer Amish Shah to the spiritually liberated person who wants to make a bigger impact: COULD THESE DORMANT HUMAN POWERS & ANCIENT TECHNOLOGIES TURN YOU INTO A REALITY-BENDING SUPERHUMAN? Read on to discover the secrets buried in a 12,000-year-old ancient symbol: harnessed by the world's most successful people to bend time and space, master the deepest truths of the universe,
Dr Hiroshi Motoyama, a prominent researcher who used a special instrument to discover that the energetic centers of a Chakra healing practitioner show higher activity compared to a non-practitioner.
You'll learn the science of Heart Intelligence for instantly reducing stress and boosting your immune system
In Level 4 we'll dive into the science known as Heart Intelligence: which is a tool for evolving your heart's inner sense of knowing. And no, it's not about cardiac care or calculus.
It's about how to harness your heart's "wisdom" - the 40,000 neurons & intuitive signals your heart sends, like love, happiness & care - to balance your emotions, reduce stress hormones, and boost your immune system.
Why 'Listen To Your Heart' is more than just a song title...
Researchers at the HeartMath Institute have found that the human heart responds to intuitive information like a 'hunch' or a 'gut feeling' seconds before it actually happens.
You'll learn the ancient practice of chanting to raise your vibrations and increase your magnetism for positive outcomes
It may feel a little weird at first using these 5000+ year old Sanskrit chants to focus on specific aspects of life you'd like to strengthen - like health, abundance, and love, to name a few. But once you see the results in Level 5, you'll realize it's well worth it.
How it works is that the vibration of the chant draws a higher level of people, situation and things to you. And no, you don't need to sound like Adam Levine or even believe in the pantheon of ancient gods and deities to get it working like gangbusters.
Scientific proponents of chanting
Dr. Herbert Benson, founder of the Massachusetts General Hospital Mind/Body Institute, has observed chanting to trigger a "relaxation response" in the human body, which reduces heart beat, brainwaves and respiration.
In a study on Gregorian Monk chants, otolaryngologist Dr. Alfred Tomatis found that certain chanting sounds were able to positively stimulate and charge the cortex of the brain and nervous system.
In his book Powerful Self Healing Techniques, Dr. Ranjie Singe found that specific chants cause the release of the hormone melatonin, which in turn may aid in the healing process.
You'll gain the ability to fully let go of your fears, and venture where others wouldn't dare...
Among other things, Level 6 will show you how to wholly embrace the concept of being Fearless - so you can unearth all those hidden debilitating beliefs and worries holding you back. Confront them head-on. And tap into a new reality.
Have you ever wondered what kind of mindset someone like Felix Baumgartner has to be in to jump from the edge of space, plunge 128,100 feet back down to earth, and break the sound barrier? After this lesson you'll wonder no more.
You'll find out how to 'program' your food & water to be better for you!
Yes, this might sound a little out there. But in Level 7, you'll discover the compelling evidence behind 'Food Programming': the science of infusing your food, no matter what you eat, with positive intentions to make it better for you.
No, this Reality Hack isn't going to magically make soda and cookies good for you - but it will give you an upper hand in making your already nutritious diet better, so you can stay in sexier & healthier shape, be more energetic, and get more done.
Psychology Today reported that in a 2007 study, researchers found that chocolate 'imprinted' with positive intentions through meditation was able to improve people's moods beyond the norm.
You'll learn how to use your dreams to gain insights and solutions for your waking reality
Another invaluable skill you'll learn in Level 7 is the much talked about but misunderstood skill of lucid dreaming. I'll show you how to program your subconscious so you can experience the lucid dreams you want. And you'll even get powerful Dream Exercises that help you channel the insights from your lucid dreams into your waking life.
Imagine dreaming of a multi-million dollar idea... or of some kind of crazy invention that changes the course of history... and then waking up, and making it happen in real life. Elias Howe did exactly that when he invented the sewing machine, and you can do it too!
Just like Thomas Edison, Sir Richard Branson is known for taking cat naps throughout the day to boost his energy and mind power. He describes himself as "a scholar of the subconscious mind".
You'll 'wake up' to the recurring mathematical symbols and sequences all around you... and learn how to tap into them and redefine your reality
This mysterious Reality Hack is known as Sacred Geometry - and the basic concept is that there are recurring mathematical symbols and sequences found everywhere around us: in man made buildings like the Pantheon and even the UN HQ, in nature like in shells and galactic swirls... and even in you.
Once I show you how to tap into these symbols and sequences (again in Level 7), you'll gain the ability to balance your energy fields. And to access complex information in order to reinvent your reality.
Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Joshua Tree Retreat was built using sacred geometry
You'll master a weird creation skill that's at least 50x stronger than the average manifesting or visualization exercise
Imagine becoming a Human Satellite Dish, so you can draw together and amplify all the energy around you for your personal gain. This Level 7 tool is one of my favorites because it does just that.
The Human Satellite Dish is perfect for when you need a surge of creation power just before pulling off something epic at work or in your personal life. And all you have to do to unlock its power is position your body in a certain way, and focus your thoughts by following a specific number of steps. Easy yet crazy powerful.
The Human Satellite Dish position
You'll gain a useful problem solving tool used by ahead-of-their-time thinkers to gain instant razor-sharp clarity
In Level 8 you'll find this highly useful problem solving exercise inspired by Napoleon Hill, called the Round Table Exercise. All you have to do is sit down with someone else, and follow a specific set of brainstorming steps to light up the answer to almost any problem.
This exercise alone is worth its weight in gold because of the clarity and peace of mind it can give you whenever you're stuck, or even just doubting your path and purpose.
You'll learn how to switch on the part of your brain that serves as a gateway to a higher state of consciousness
One of the core concepts you'll learn about in Level 9 is what I like to call the 'Gateway to Creation' - the Pineal Gland. Studies indicate that this gland, which is located in the center of your brain, produces melatonin - and is therefore crucial to accessing an elevated, calmer state of consciousness.
According to some, it's also a "spiritual antenna" or mystical third eye that when activated allows you to tap into alternate versions of reality, detach from your sense of self, and achieve a monk-like state of serenity even when faced with the toughest possible challenges. The exercises you learn for activating and detoxing your Pineal Gland will make all this possible for you.
The ancient Egyptians recognized the Pineal Gland as a "door to consciousness", and seem to have based the Eye of Horus symbol around it.
You'll discover a controversial science billionaires use to shift odds in their favor
Another lesson you'll learn in level 9 is how to use the ancient science of Astrology to tap into the different energy frequencies of other planets, to give yourself the best possible chance at success. Perfect whenever you need to stack the odds in your favor - or when you're looking for that positive coincidence to nudge you over the edge towards a goal.
Yes, I know not everyone believes in astrology, and it's a bit of a controversial issue - but as JP Morgan once said...
"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do."
You'll learn how to use Quantum Mechanics to '' infinite streams of wisdom from the universe
One more fascinating Reality Hack we'll touch on in Level 9 is Quantum Mechanics, and how to get 's' of timeless wisdom from the universe. Trust me, once you follow the mind-body steps to access these s, these things are going to come at you uncontrollably.
You could be meditating or typing out an email, and BAM! You're suddenly hit with this realization that puts your entire career or marriage or life philosophy into perspective.
Multiple consciousness studies, including those by psychiatry expert Dr. Rick Strassman, show that the human mind tends to receive s of otherwise inaccessible information and epiphanies when faced with a Near Death Experience (and the subsequent release of the DMT compound in the body). But what if you could manually trigger this chemical reaction within you, without actually coming close to death?
9 weekly PDF workbooks packed with powerful exercises and progress tracking features for better results
Every good superhero needs a sidekick, which is what these workbooks will be for you throughout your Project:Yourself experience. Each stunningly designed PDF is packed with tools, exercises, checklists and bonus content for every level of the program. Just print out each one, keep them by your bedside or study, and use them for an even deeper, more transformational learning experience.
An experience of self discovery that's more flexible than a Chinese acrobat
But once you've gone through it once, you'll realize Project:Yourself is unlike any book, video course or seminar you've ever consumed. It's not designed for you to use once from start to finish, and forget about.
Instead, think of it like a treasure chest. Because after you use it for the first time, you can just reach in and use the part of it that's most relevant to your life - like if you need to solve a problem at work. Or find a way to grow your biz. Or solve the disagreement you have with your spouse, kids, boss or employee.
In fact, aside from that, it's even designed for you to use from back to front! The way you decide to utilize it all depends on whether you need to "evolve", or "involve" in order to get what you desire. Let me explain...
How to get what you want - whether you already know what it is. Or if it's still your life's greatest mystery.
There's no shame in not knowing what makes you happy. It is after all one of the most important - and sometimes tricky - realizations of your life.
If this describes you, you can keep using Project:Yourself the 'normal' way - by starting at Level 1, and gradually getting to the heart of what you desire at Level 9.
This is what we call "involution".
But what if you already know what you want, and you just need some epiphanies & Reality Hacks to help you get there?
In this case, you can just flip around the Project:Yourself experience by starting at Level 9... working your way outwards... and uncovering the tangible steps, action plans and tools you need to use to get that amazing outcome in your life. Whatever it may be.
Project:Yourself is designed for people who live in the real world. The busy, stressful real world.
I'm a busy entrepreneur with hundreds of tasks to juggle each week. And I know you too have your own work commitments. Your family. Your existing mind-body practices like the gym or daily meditations.
That's why I dislike long-winded training materials as much as you do. And that's why I've gone out of my way to design Project:Yourself as a time-efficient and stress-free experience that will fit into your schedule as comfortably as a pair of tailored pants.
All you need to do is set aside an hour hour every week to watch or listen to the training material. And another 20 minutes a day to practice and absorb your learnings.
Make this small commitment, just for a couple of months, and you'll notice amazing changes begin to manifest in your life.
Online learning. Like you've never experienced it before.
The entire Project:Yourself experience takes place on the next-generation Project:Yourself membership site.
After years of trying out other online programs, I've found that the average online membership site is ugly. Buggy. Hard to navigate. And sometimes plain boring.
And so for Project:Yourself, I hired some of the best programmers, designers and user interface experts in the industry to build a platform that doesn't just present your content in a clear and intuitive manner - it actually conditions you to enjoy your experience, get more out of it, and even get rewarded for using it.
Enjoy an intuitive learning experience with a user interface that's so crisp and clean, it's as easy to use as Google.
Immerse yourself in our engaging social networking features - including forums and message boards - to connect, discuss and forge alliances with the Project:Yourself tribe.
Get FREE Deep Origins credits for making friends and taking other actions, which you can use to redeem exclusive content, mini courses and upgrades. It's like frequent flyer miles for your self evolution.
Consume your content from virtually any media device - from your iPad and iPhone, to your Android device.
Enjoy the convenience of one login, one site, and all your content in one place. Just login with your personal account for easy access to Project:Yourself and all future additional content or courses.
Get accurate, fast and friendly assistance with all your questions and concerns. Our dedicated customer support tab makes it easy for you to contact us.
4 ways Project:Yourself may surprise you if you've used other mind-body programs or tools
1. The sheer amount of organized variety will give you a big-picture perspective of your personal evolution
Some programs spend dozens of hours diving deep into one discipline, like meditation. Others give you a varied, but often overwhelming mish-mash of mind-body tools to use in your daily life.
I've designed Project:Yourself to give you the best of both these worlds. So you get detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions for immersing yourself in each Reality Hack. Plus you get an intuitive framework that pieces together all these skills for you - so all you need to do is be present instead of worrying about what to focus on next.
2. You're getting proven facts and results for elevating your life, not half-truths and maybes
Spreading hearsay is not my style. Sure, some of the tools and insights I share during Project:Yourself may seem a little 'out there' to some...
But I guarantee that every claim, statement and exercise has been thoroughly researched and validated either by scientific or spiritual researchers, or through my own extensive experience. This stuff works. Period.
3. You'll be part of a deeply involving experience with a personal touch
Many other personal growth or spirituality programs you'll find online are really just glorified CD courses. You buy them, they toss you a daunting set of audios & videos with vague instructions, and then you're pretty much left to fend for yourself.
This is why I call Project:Yourself an intimate experience: because once you book your spot, I'll be in constant contact with you throughout the 2-month process through email and periodical live coaching sessions. It's almost as good as having me sitting next to you, giving you personalized advice and coaching until you can't help but hit your goals.
4. You'll gain a lifelong spot in a tribe of like-minded people
Like you, I believe in the power of collective intent. That's why every part of Project:Yourself is designed for maximum interaction: from the periodical coaching sessions to the chat and forum features on our online membership site.
You'll nurture deep friendships, forge alliances and triumph over challenges with a close-knit tribe of people with a similar worldview, the same passion for life, and an inspiring diversity of passions and opinions.
Society is already evolving and replacing the "old" models of reality with more holistic & integrative solutions. Isn't it time you did the same?
More and more large corporations are distancing themselves from greedy Industrial Revolution-era practices... and adopting a form of 'Conscious Capitalism' where quality of life, sustainability & giving back are prioritized.
Startups and entrepreneurs across the world are dominating headlines by experimenting with innovative new practices like virtual offices, 4-day work weeks and Crowd Funding.
Realizing the limitations of modern medicine on its own, nearly 40% of Americans are now using some form of complementary or alternative medicine - including meditation, yoga and acupuncture.
According to the Harvard Medical School, medical professionals are now prescribing mind-body therapies like meditation to over 6 million Americans yearly.
The wellness market is spreading across unexpected places - like the San Francisco International Airport, which opened its first yoga room in January 2012. (More and more hotels and even churches are now following suit.)
After countless Wall Street-esque scandals and meltdowns in countries like Cyprus, a growing body of people are rejecting traditional financial industries and exploring new wealth management tools - like Bitcoins, which have grown by over 1,000% in the past year alone.
A recent survey found that 14 in 18 insurance companies are now including acupuncture - along with a host of other holistic treatments - in their coverage packages.
The signs are clear: we live in exciting, kinetic times - and the only way to stay afloat is to keep evolving your own model of reality.
My recommendation? Take advantage of a proven set of mind-widening principles that the world's top performers are using at this very moment to stay ahead. The kind only Project:Yourself can give you.
My lifelong, borderline unhealthy obsession. Your gain.
Okay, so the truth is I'm a bit of a rehabilitated information addict. Remember how earlier I told you I read all those books and studied all those successful people?
I maybe went a little overboard with that stuff. Over the past 17 years, whenever I was taking a break from working on my businesses, I must have read over 1500 books on subjects like human consciousness, spirituality and mind science. I've spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours sitting through video & audio courses, interviews, documentaries and seminars.
I've even interviewed and collaborated with dozens of multi-millionaires, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and even an ex-NASA scientist, just to figure out what makes them tick.
The whole experience has cost me a ton of time and money. Not to mention countless personal sacrifices.
Thankfully, now that I'm in my thirties, I've balanced my life out a whole lot more so I'm playing as hard as I work.
But I don't expect you to drop everything and follow my path, because I know you have your own pressing concerns. With responsibilities, social & family obligations, and stacks of looming deadlines to attend to.
Plus even if you weren't tied down with all this, I still doubt you'd have the time, patience or inclination to invest as much time and money as I did. Which is why my commitment with Project:Yourself is to give you...
An affordable & transformational fast track to years (and years) of feverish study
Project:Yourself gives you my entire body of knowledge on the subject of Reality Hacks, the Sri Yantra and unleashing your full potential... at a price that is neither dirt cheap nor exorbitant.
And there's a good reason for that.
You see, I do want to make this information as financially accessible to as many people as possible. Because everyone surely deserves to elevate their lives with these tools.
But when you join this journey, you become critical to our tribe's mission of sparking a global tidal wave of positive change. And the best way I know to ensure you stay committed throughout the experience... is to impose a reasonable participation fee.
Your investment for joining the first ever Project:Yourself intake and becoming a lifelong member of our tribe is a one-time enrollment fee of $297.
Like I said, it's not dirt cheap.
But when you consider the real function of money - as a form of energy you invest today, to attract more in the future - you'll realize this one's a no-brainer.
Now If you choose to be one of these people, there's something important I need you to understand...
I'm not going to sugar-coat this. Because the last thing I want is to come across as one of those cheesy "YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL" gurus scattered all over the web...
Project:Yourself is not a magic bullet. And it's definitely not for you if you expect to watch one video, or try one exercise, and be forever transformed.
I have no doubt this journey will change your life. But only when you are committed to putting in an ongoing effort, and taking action to project your greatest life, kicking and screaming, into reality.
And once you DO start getting the outcomes and abundance you've been aiming for...
Remember that our tribe will expect you to do more than just buy nice things and live in a nice house!
Together, each of us will hold each other accountable for making an ongoing IMPACT... by first changing how things are done in our own lives.
Then, we will spread this wisdom to our friends, family and co-workers... and even into the communities, systems and institutions surrounding us.
In other words, each of us is becoming an ambassador. A positive change agent. A facilitator of a new model of reality.
This is why before you even consider becoming one of these determined people... you need to be sure that you're ready to think and act BIG.
If that's not you, I ask that you look elsewhere, and save the limited spots for someone else.
But if you can make me that promise, I'll make you one in return...
When you stay committed to the process, you will experience at least ONE profound reality shift within the first 30 days of the Project:Yourself journey.
It could be something you achieve at work. It might be a person that comes into your life. Maybe a health issue you had will start to disappear. You might even just start seeing the world in a different light.
Only you can control exactly what this shift will be.
All I can promise is that you will experience it. And that you'll enjoy every step of the journey getting there.

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