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Cisco Live 2015 - San Diego

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Cisco Live 2015 - San Diego

Cisco Live 2015 - San Diego
Size: 10.16 GB Type: Tutorial

Video: MPEG4 1176x490 10fps 24kbps | Audio: HE-AAC 48000Hz mono 26kbps | 10 GB

Many records from the last moment at Cisco Live, into the mainstream of RS, Voice, DC, Wireless. The maximum compression for storing and viewing on mobile devices (it was> 300GB, 10GB become), the quality has suffered slightly. Slightly elevated volume.


BRKACI-2102 ACI Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKACI-3503 Extending ACI to Multiple Sites - Dual Site Deployment Deep Dive (2015 San Diego)
BRKAPP-2027 Big Data Architecture and Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2001 Cisco ASR1000 Series Routers System Solution Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2002 Techniques of a Network Detective (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2003 Cisco ASR 9000 Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2010 Smart Accounts and Smart Licensing Simplifying your life for Cisco ONE and all Cisco Products (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2011 Overview of Packet Capturing Tools in Cisco Switches and Routers (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2017 Packet Journey inside ASR 9000 (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2019 Operating an ASR1000 (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2022 Introduction to Network Convergence System (NCS6000) (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2025 Network State Awareness and Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2026 NCS 6008 - Technical Architecture and Troubleshooting Deep Dive (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2027 CRS-X Architecture and Troubleshooting Overview (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2028 Building a Cloud-Ready and Mobile-Ready Enterprise Network (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2029 Cisco Converged Branch Infrastructure Solution (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2030 An Introduction on Service Provider Edge Devices (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2031 QoS Config Migrations From Classic IOS to IOS XE (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2032 Designing for the secure convergence of Enterprise and Process Control Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2091 Emerging Trends in Branch Office Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-2814 Enterprise Network Trends & Implications (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3001 Cisco Integrated Services Router - Architectural Overview and Use Cases (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3004 APIC-EM Controller Workflow and Use Cases (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3438 Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3452 56006000 Cisco Nexus Switch Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3454 In-depth and personal with the Cisco Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender Architectures, Features, and Topologies (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3465 Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3467 Cisco Enterprise Silicon - Delivering Innovation for Advanced Routing and Switching (2015 San Diego)
BRKARC-3470 70007700 Cisco Nexus Switch Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCIE-3003 DMVPN for Route & Switching CCIE Candidates (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCIE-3203 Firewall Core for CCIE Candidates (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-1005 Context Service the new cloud-based omnichannel solution for Contact Center Enterprise and Express (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-1006 Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions Overview (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-1009 Cisco Customer Collaboration Architectural Vision and Cloud Evolution (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-1041 CCE Security Best Practice Guide Overview (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-2007 Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Planning and Design (2015 San Diego)
BRKCCT-2050 Building recording and monitoring applications with the MediaSense API (2015 San Diego)
BRKCLD-1004 End-to-end Cloud Management A holistic approach for developing and managing the platform and service offerings that transform IT (2015 San Diego)
BRKCLD-2003 Building Hybrid Cloud Applications with Intercloud Fabric (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOC-1427 Inside Cisco IT Productivity, Security & Service Automation in the Age of Any Device (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOC-1430 Inside Cisco IT Collaboration Desk Endpoint (DX Series) - IT Service Enablement (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOC-1821 Inside Cisco IT Accelerating the speed of business with Fast IT (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOC-3428 Inside Cisco IT Deploying Unified Access for Wireless Mobility and Location Based Services (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2023 Architecting Unified Communications to enable Workspace Transformation (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2275 Real-time Traffic Applications and Service over WLAN (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2341 Unified CM Device Mobility for Emergency Dialing (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2344 Deploying Cisco Jabber on Mobile Devices (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2380 Designing a Cisco Unified Communications Solution to be Accessible for People with Disabilities (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2420 Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration Part 1 Call Control and Conferencing (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2421 Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration Part 2 Collaboration Edge, Core Applications and Sizing (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2602 Collaboration Edge Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2611 Cisco Interoperability with Microsoft - Part 2, Video Interoperability (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOL-2616 QoS Strategies and Smart Media Techniques for Collaboration Deployments (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOM-1125 Hyper-converged Computing (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOM-2014 Scaling UCS Management with UCS Central (2015 San Diego)
BRKCOM-3015 UCS Security Architecture and Capabilities for Secure Datacenter (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-1449 Threat Defense for Enterprise Networks with Unified Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-1500 Wired LAN Deployment Using the Cisco Validated Design for Campus (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2000 Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2002 IWAN Design and Deployment Workshop (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2031 Enterprise Campus Design Multilayer Architectures and Design Principles (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2040 WAN and Remote-Site Deployment using Cisco Validated Designs (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2100 Building massively scalable cloud-managed branches with Cisco Meraki (live demonstration) (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2101 Building Scalable, Flexible Enterprise Architectures with Cisco Meraki (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2110 Dynamic Service Discovery for the Enterprise - Technology and Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2200 Enterprise VDI Solutions Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2501 Campus QoS Design-Simplified (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2600 Incorporating Intelligent Access at the Campus Edge (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2888 Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Converged Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-2892 Cisco MACsec Solution Design and Deployment for a Secure Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3011 APIC-EM (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller - Enterprise Module) - SDN in the Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3035 Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Virtual Switching System (VSS) (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3036 Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Routed Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3142 Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3146 Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 3650 3850 Series Switches (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3147 Advanced troubleshooting of the ASR1K and ISR (IOS-XE) made easy
BRKCRS-3502 Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Instant Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRS-3900 Ethernet Evolving - Ethernet at New Speeds, Deterministic Networking, and Power over Everything! (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-1002 Mastering IP Subnetting Forever! (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-1100 CCNA Wireless, master the 802.11 protocols! (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-1602 CCNA Data Center (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-2001 NX-OS, IOS, IOS-XR, Unique and Similar at the Same Time (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-2206 Cisco Cyber ​​Security Analyst Specialist Certification (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-2214 Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions - Preparing for the SENSS Exam (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-2601 VRF, MPLS and MPBGP Fundamentals (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-2901 An Introduction to Cisco Business Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKCRT-3004 Cisco Certified Architect How to complete the journey from CCIE to CCDE to CCAr (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2081 Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2218 Data Center Design for the Midsize Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2333 Data Center Network Failure Detection (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2378 VPC Best Practices and Design on NX OS (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2457 LISP and DMM - The Complete Data Center Migration Solution (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2458 Nexus 9,000,700,060,005,000 Operations and Maintenance Best Practices (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-2460 Cisco Remote Integrated Service Engine for Citrix NetScaler Appliances and NAM (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3100 56006000 Troubleshooting Nexus Series switches (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3101 Nexus 9000 (Standalone) Architecture Brief and Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3102 The Comprehensive Guide to Securing NX-OS Devices (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3234 Advanced Troubleshooting Cisco 7000 Series (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3313 FabricPath Operation and Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKDCT-3378 Building Data Center Networks with Overlays (VXLANEVPN & FabricPath) (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2000 Design and Deployment of Wireless LANs for Mobile Applications (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2010 Design and Deployment of Enterprise WLANs (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2011 Managing an Enterprise WLAN with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2012 Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2014 Deploying Wireless Guest Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2015 Wireless LAN Security and Threat Mitigation (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2016 Branch Office Wireless LAN Design (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2017 Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design for 11ac Wireless Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2020 Managing Policies for BYOD Network (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2022 Converged Access Mobility Design & Feature Update (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2025 Deliver Intelligent Mobility Experiences through Cloud Solutions CMX and EMSP (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2027 Design and Deployment of Outdoor Wireless Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-2670 Best Practices for Configuring Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-3000 Analyzing and fixing WiFi issues - Cisco WLC tools and packet capture analysis techniques (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-3010 Improve enterprise WLAN spectrum quality with Cisco's advanced RF capacities (RRM, CleanAir, ClientLink, etc) (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-3011 Advanced Troubleshooting of Wireless LANs (2015 San Diego)
BRKEWN-3014 Best practices to deploy high-availability in Wireless LAN Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKIOT-1404 How the Internet of Everything and LED Lighting Will Transform IT (2015 San Diego)
BRKIOT-2107 & quot_No Lights, No Power, No Service - Defending IoT & quot_ (2015 San Diego)
BRKIOT-2109 IoT Solutions - Connecting Oil and Gas Pipelines (2015 San Diego)
BRKIOT-2113 Intermediate - Internet of Things for the Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKIPM-1261 Introduction to IP Multicast (2015 San Diego)
BRKIPM-2239 Stateless Multicast with BIER (2015 San Diego)
BRKIPM-2264 Multicast Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKIPM-3017 Advanced mVPN Deployment Models (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-1100 Introduction to MPLS (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-2100 Deploying MPLS Traffic Engineering (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-2101 Deploying MPLS-based Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-2102 Designing MPLS-based IP VPNs (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-2108 Designing MPLS in Next Generation Data Center A Case Study (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-2333 E-VPN & PBB-EVPN the Next Generation of MPLS-based L2VPN (2015 San Diego)
BRKMPL-3101 Advanced Topics and Future Directions in MPLS (2015 San Diego)
BRKNMS-1036 SDN Led IT Operations Management with APIC-EM and Prime Infrastructure (2015 San Diego)
BRKNMS-2443 One Management for Unified Access (2015 San Diego)
BRKNMS-2518 Secrets to Achieving High Availability (2015 San Diego)
BRKNMS-2658 Securely Managing Your Networks with SNMPv3 (2015 San Diego)
BRKNMS-2847 Wireless Troubleshooting with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (2015 San Diego)
BRKOPT-2106 DWDM 101 (2015 San Diego)
BRKOPT-2116 High Speed ​​Optics 40G, 100G Beyond - Data Center Fabrics Optical Transport (2015 San Diego)
BRKOPT-2117 High Speed ​​WAN Traditional and Emerging Technologies (2015 San Diego)
BRKOPT-2118 Multi-Layer Network Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKOPT-2902 Passive Optical Networks - PON Customer Case Study, Design, Implementation and Management (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2021 Comprehensive analysis on Service Provider offerings for Enterprise WAN (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2022 IPv6 Routing Protocols Update (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2041 WAN Architectures and Design Principles (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2042 Highly Available Wide Area Network Design (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2044 Enterprise Multi-Homed Internet Edge Architectures (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2056 The QoS Paradigm Shift (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2116 IPv6 from Intro to Intermediate (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2124 Introduction to Segment Routing (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2301 Enterprise IPv6 Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2309 Introduction to WAN MACSec - Aligning Encryption Technologies with WAN Transport (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2311 IPv6 Planning, Deployment and Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2319 Network Service Chaining Solutions (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2331 Troubleshooting EIGRP Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2336 EIGRP Deployment in Modern Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2337 OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2338 ISIS Deployment in Modern Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2362 Implementing Next Generation Performance Routing - PfRv3 (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2514 Application Optimization and Provisioning the Intelligent WAN (IWAN) (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2515 QoS Design and Deployment for Wireless LANs (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-2616 Addressing Networking challenges with latest Innovations in IPv6 (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3020 IP LFA (Loop-Free-Alternate) Architecture and Troubleshooting (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3045 LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3047 Troubleshooting LISP (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3122 Segment Routing Technology and Use-cases (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3123 Segment Routing for IPv6 Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3310 Troubleshooting OSPF (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3320 Troubleshooting BGP (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3336 WAN Virtualization Using Over-the-Top (OTP) (2015 San Diego)
BRKRST-3363 Routed Fast Convergence (2015 San Diego)
BRKSAN-2282 Operational Models for FCoE Deployments - Best Practices and Examples (2015 San Diego)
BRKSDN-2118 Simulating networks using Cisco Modeling Labs (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-1010 Defense Against Emerging Threats (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-1020 Cisco Firewall Basics (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-1030 Introduction to the Cisco Sourcefire NGIPS (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-1050 An Overview of Site-to-Site Cisco VPN Technologies (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-1205 Introduction to Data Center Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2003 Introduction to IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigations (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2005 The Internet of Things a Double-Edged Sword. How Can You Embrace it Securely (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2006 It is 2015, Why Do We Keep Getting Hacked (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2007 Fundamental IOS Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2008 Deploying Secure Branch and Edge Solutions (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2010 Emerging Threats - The State of Cyber ​​Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2014 Using Data Analytics to Uncover Indicators of Compromise on your Network (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2015 Designing Network Encryption for the Future (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2016 Cisco Cloud Security for Public and Private Cloud (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2018 Tips and Tricks for Successful Migration From ASA CX and Cisco Classic IPS to FirePOWER Solutions (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2020 Firewall Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2021 Firewall Architectures in the Datacenter and Internet Edge (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2026 Network as a Sensor and Enforcer (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2028 Deploying Next Generation Firewall with ASA and Firepower Services (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2030 Deploying Intrusion Prevention Systems (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2042 Web Filtering and Content Control in the Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2045 Mobile Devices and BYOD Security - Deployment and Best Practices (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2054 Group Encryption Transport (GET) Your VPNs Secured (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2073 NetFlow Security Monitoring with Cisco Threat Defense (CTD) (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2131 E-mail Security for Non-E-mail People (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2135 The Importance of Threat-Centric Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2137 Intermediate - Snort Implementation in Cisco Products (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2139 Advanced Malware Protection (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2203 Deploying TrustSec Security Group Tagging (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2205 Security and Virtualization in the Data Center (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2695 Building an Enterprise Access Control Architecture using ISE and TrustSec (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2881 Designing Remote-Access and Site-to-Site IPSec networks with FlexVPN (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2900 Resilient WAN and Security for Distributed Networks with Cisco Meraki MX (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-2909 Think Like an Attacker Advanced Cloud Protection Against Web-Based Malware & Targeted Attacks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3003 Advanced IPv6 Security in the LAN (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3005 An IoT Security Model & Architecture for Securing Cyber-Physical and IT-OT Converged Assets (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3007 Advanced Cisco IOS Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3010 Detecting Adversarial Threats - Tools, Techniques, and Infrastructure to Find the Bad Guys (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3020 Troubleshooting Firewalls (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3021 Maximizing Firewall Performance (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3033 Advanced AnyConnect Deployment and Troubleshooting with ASA (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3034 FireSIGHT Network Security Analytics Finding the needle in the haystack (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3050 Troubleshooting Remote Access SSL VPN in BYOD Scenarios (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3052 Troubleshooting DMVPNs (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3053 Practical PKI for Remote Access VPN (2015, San Diego)
BRKSEC-3054 Advanced IPSec with FlexVPN and IKEv2 (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3055 Troubleshooting Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3056 Internet Behavioral Analytics (IBA) using Self Learning Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3061 Detect and Protect Against Security Threats, Before It's Too Late! (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3068 Red Team, Blue Team Lessons Learned for Real World Attacks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3200 Advanced IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigation (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3690 Advanced Security Group Tags The Detailed Walk Through (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3697 Advanced ISE Services, Tips and Tricks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3699 Designing ISE for Scale & High Availability (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-3771 Advanced Web Security Deployment with WSA in IPv4 & IPv6 Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSEC-4054 ​​Advanced Concepts of DMVPN (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2116 Advances in IP + Optical (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2170 Synchronization in Packet-Based Networks (SyncEIEEE1588-2008) (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2202 Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services on ASR 9000 (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2210 Designing Service Provider Access Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2300 Service Provider IPv6 Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2501 Troubleshooting Cisco CMTS Based Services (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2505 cBR-8 Technical Overview and Deployment Considerations (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2518 Cisco EPN Carrier Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul Architecture (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2525 Architectural Evolution of Transport Provider Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2600 Programability Plan & Strategy for Service Providers Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2602 IPv4 Exhaustion NAT and Transition to IPv6 for Service Providers (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2606 MAP - Let's Solve IPv4 Address Exhaustion without Stateful CGN (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPG-2904 ASR-9000IOS-XR Understanding forwarding, troubleshooting the system and XR operations (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2013 High Density WiFi for Stadiums and Large Public Venues (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2022 Cisco Policy Suite (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2023 Cisco Licensed Small Cell Design and Deployment (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2024 Deploying large scale managed SP WiFi Service (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2025 Design and Deployment of the ASR5500 (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2026 Managing customer Experience for Mobile Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2121 Cisco SON Solutions (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2122 Virtualizing Mobile Service Providers Transport Network (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2123 Wi-Fi Calling Supporting voice over carrier Wi-Fi enterprise Wi-Fi and residential environments (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2125 Virtualizing Cisco Mobile Packet Core (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPM-2126 Analytics for Large Connected Venues App Integration with Wi-Fi Infrastructure (2015 San Diego)
BRKSPV-1113 Scalable Load distribution solution with Nexus switches (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2008 Enterprise Dial Plan Fundamentals (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2011 Best Practices for Migrating Previous Versions of CUCM to version 10.5. (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2021 Understanding Integrating and Troubleshooting Fax Communications in Todays Enterprise Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2050 Cisco IP Phones Update Best Practices and Collaboration Enablement (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2060 Cisco Enterprise Mobile Collaboration (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2225 Planning and Designing Virtualized Cisco Collaboration (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2345 Cisco Jabber Deploying Cisco Jabber On Premise (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2444 Directories Services and Single Sign-On for the Cisco Collaboration Solution (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2450 Designing Deploying UC Networks with Cisco Unified Session Management Edition (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2501 Cisco UC Manager Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2612 A Solution Architect's Guide to Collaboration Security (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2725 Cisco Unity Connection 11.0 Product Update with Video Enablement and Unified Messaging Deep Dive (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2801 Cisco Expressway at the Collaboration Edge design session (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2932 Troubleshooting SIP with Cisco Unified Communications (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-2934 Implementation and Management of Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Enterprise (2015 San Diego)
BRKUCC-3000 Advanced Dial Plan Design for Unified Communications Networks (2015 San Diego)
BRKVIR-2016 Cisco's Cloud Services Router (CSR 1000V) Extending the Enterprise Network to the Cloud (2015 San Diego)
BRKVIR-3013 Deploying and Troubleshooting the Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch on vSphere (2015 San Diego)
CCSACI-2552 The Journey to Nexus 9k and ACI NetApp Global Engineering Cloud (2015 San Diego)
CCSCOL-1425 Increasing Business Agility by segregating Manufacturing and Business Systems (2015 San Diego)
CCSIOT-2380 Outdoor Wireless in Harsh Environments such as Mining and Oil & Gas (2015 San Diego)
CCSRST-2533 IWAN Customer Case Study (2015 San Diego)
CCSSEC-2002 Cisco IT - Identity Services Engine (ISE) Deployment and Best Practices (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1010 Using Cisco pxGrid for Security Platform Integration (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1011 Profiting From the Next Phase of the Mobility Revolution (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1123 CSTA - Cisco Security Technical Alliances, New Program for ecosystem built on APIsIntegration Points in the Security portfolio (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1124 Cisco pxGrid A New Architecture for Security Platform Integration (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1129 WAN Automation Engine - Develop Traffic Aware Applications Using APIs for Optimization and Predictive Analysis (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1130 Cisco Finesse API's (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1131 Cisco Instant Connect Express (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1158 Cognitive Threat Analytics - Behavioral Breach Detection & Secuirty Intelligence Interchange via TAXIISTIX API (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1166 Open SDN Controller APIs (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1167 Programmability on Nexus Intro to APIs and Configuration Management (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1180 Security from the Cloud (2015 San Diego)
DEVNET-1186 Harnessing the Power of the Cloud to Detect Advanced Threats Cognitive Threat Analytics on Cloud Web Security (2015 San Diego)
INTGEN-1004 Innovation Talk Protecting Against Cyber ​​Attacks with Threat-Centric Security (2015 San Diego)
ITMGEN-4203 Business Relevancy Panel (2015, San Diego)
ITMGEN-4224 Creating BYOD Policy (2015 San Diego)
ITMGEN-4226 Autonomic Networking (2015 San Diego)
ITMGEN-4227 The New User Experience (2015, San Diego)
ITMGEN-4238 ITM Business Transformation Broaden your Technical Expertise with Business Skills (2015 San Diego)
PCSZEN-1003 Network as a Sensor Using NetFlow for Incident Response (2015, San Diego)
PCSZEN-1013 Modernizing a distributed Network (2015 San Diego)
PNLCEWN-1001 Cisco Empowered Women's Panel Reinvigorate Your Career (2015 San Diego)
PNLCRS-2307 The New Mission Critical Branch - Success Stories of Global Deployments Utilizing IWAN (2015 San Diego)
PNLNMS-1035 Cisco Live Network and NOC Panel Discussion (2015 San Diego)
PNLSPM-2021 Under the Top The Service Provider Advantage (2015 San Diego)
PSOACI-2100 Scalable, Open, Programmable and Application Centric Virtual Networks for the Data Center (2015, San Diego)
PSOCOL-1402 Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions Overview (2015 San Diego)
PSOCRS-2006 Cisco - Meraki Design Options and Guidelines (2015 San Diego)
PSOCRS-2007 A Deep Dive into the New Cisco ONE Software Strategy (2015 San Diego)
PSOCRS-2008 Enterprise Networks for the Mobile Cloud Era (2015 San Diego)
PSOCRS-2009 Elevate Your Branch Infrastructure with Cisco ISR4000 Series (2015 San Diego)
PSOCRS-2010 Introduction to Intelligent WAN Aligning WAN Infrastructure, Services, and Management to Deliver Business Outcomes (2015 San Diego)
PSODCT-1013 Building flexible 40100G Fabrics with Nexus Switching Portfolio, (2015 San Diego)
PSODCT-1014 Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) - Changing the Economics Data Center (2015 San Diego)
PSODCT-1200 Speeding Up Business By Simplifying The Data Centre With ACI & Nexus (2015 San Diego)
PSODCT-2020 Cisco UCS Solutions for Big Data and Analytics (2015 San Diego)
PSODCT-2088 Data Center and Cloud Strategy - Planning The Next 5 Years (2015 San Diego)
PSODEV-1001 The Extended Cisco Partner Ecosystem (2015 San Diego)
PSOEWN-1001 3 Steps to Create an effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy (2015 San Diego)
PSOEWN-4246 CMX The Latest in Location Innovations and Analytics (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-1101 Customer Experience - The New Competitive Battleground (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-1102 Workforce Experience - Solutions for a Workforce in Transition (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-1103 Power up your Midsize Business - IT Strategies for Success in Midmarket (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-2001 Transforming to a Digital University, School or Campus to Improve Learning Outcomes with IoE (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-2002 Transforming to a Digital Bank to Increase Profitable Wallet-Share (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-2003 Transforming to a Digital City, State, or Country to Deliver Citizen Services with IoE (2015 San Diego)
PSOGEN-2005 Transforming to Digital Transportation Systems to Optimize Logistics and Improve our Everyday Lives and Travel (2015 San Diego)
PSOIOT-2003 How to Develop and Deploy Fog Apps - Data in Motion Case Study (2015 San Diego)
PSOIOT-2004 The Next Industrial Transformation with the Internet of Everything (2015 San Diego)
PSONMS-1325 Cisco Smart Services and Solutions Optimize Your Infrastructure Investment (2015 San Diego)
PSOSEC-2003 Key Security Measures to Enable Next-generation Data Center Transformation (2015 San Diego)
PSOSEC-2007 FirePower Services for ASA Overview (2015 San Diego)
PSOSEC-2008 Secure Design with Threat Modeling (2015 San Diego)
PSOSPG-1305 The Rise of the Global Intercloud - How Service Providers Can Leverage the Platform for the Internet of Everything (2015 San Diego)

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