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Align Your Business for Success videos(1280x720) - Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers (24.mp4's, 1.html file set)...

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Align Your Business for Success videos(1280x720) - Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers (24.mp4's, 1.html file set)...
Align Your Business for Success videos(1280x720) - Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers (24.mp4's, 1.html file set) 2014
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There's a LOT of information out there for socially conscious, success-oriented new entrepreneurs. Everywhere you look, there are coaching programs, home study courses, business challenges, and information resources galore. They cover everything from skill sets to mindsets - with topics that range from niche-identification to list-building to JVs. The range of choices can be overwhelming - no wonder you're feeling lost and confused and don't know how to make the best configuration and positioning for your customers. The pressure to quickly get and put the right orientation and forward step into action so you can actually start making money and juice the joy into of your business. That's when you find yourself asking exactly how you're supposed to plan and flow your business into success:
* cut through the multitude of options that just aren't relevant for you to pinpoint the ones that really are
* choose wisely from the sea of possible business-building strategies to find the most effective ones to direct your time
and money toward
* identify your ideal client niche so you can create marketing materials that really speak to them
* put enough of yourself into your business to do truly significant work without exhausting yourself
* avoid the most common mistakes that will derail your progress and keep your business stuck
* use the Universal laws to align your energy and flow of your synchronicities and innovative efforts You don't need to figure this all out on your own!

One of the biggest myths to dismantle as a new entrepreneur is that you're required to do everything by yourself. The truth is that help is out there - often from people who've faced exactly the same challenges you're dealing with now. That's why the Align Your Business for Success (AYBFS) telesummit was created. It brings together 22 successful entrepreneurial experts who've identified what truly works for them, and want to offer you their knowledge and experience around getting your business sequence and business process aligned with best dynamism or oomph - completely FREE. These remarkable individuals are generously sharing their hard-won insights around:
* Getting started when you're not even sure who your niche is and may have many
* Aligning yourself with the significant work that will serve the people you truly resonate with, while living the lifestyle
of your dreams
* Mastering the essential mindstates that will accelerate your business success
* Navigating apparent disasters to uncover the breakthroughs beyond the initial breakdown
* Collaborating with other business owners to create the maximum possible momentum for each of you through strategic alliances
* Creating success through strategic business plans, networking, and knowledge building and distribution
* Infuse vitality with fun, energy, great service and being in the best niche for you to serve your people and profit
* Get your orientation, your voice and your videos or copy right for your business sales. And they're offering all this business wisdom for absolutely no cost! Ready to access it? Meet our Align Your Business for Success Speakers:

Sandra Younger
Story Secrets: Unlock the Power of Your Own Stories to Build Trust and Boost Sales!
Are you ready to stand out and become the person in your field everyone knows, likes and trusts-enough to buy? Join us as story expert Sandra Millers Younger reveals how business-building "secrets" you already own can magnetize your message and boost sales-without hype or pressure tactics!
In this fascinating presentation, you'll learn:
* Scientific and technological reasons why the ancient skill of storytelling has become today's leading-edge marketing
and sales approach.
* How to discover your own signature story, the one that builds trust and boosts sales among your perfect prospects.
* Why how you tell a story is just as important as what story you tell.
* How to story-charge your whole business to attract and convert ideal clients, improve their results, and optimize your profits.

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen
Speaking as Your Success Activity, Even if You are Not a Speaker Yet
Next up is Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen, an international Presentations-coach, Sales Mentor, Speaker and Founder of The Easy Influence Academy. In this next interview, she discusses how to use speaking to build your business even if you are not a professional speaker.

Marina Ormes
Expressing Your Authentic Self Through Business
Today, Marina Ormes, an Evolutionary Astrologer and a Board Certified Holistic Nurse with over 20 years of experience in astrology and holistic healing shares her wisdom on Expressing Your Authentic Self Through Business.

Ryan Harris
How to Grow Your Coaching Business and Step into Your Full Power by Finding
The Right Tribe
Today, Ryan Harris shares his secrets to building a tribe of raving clients. He recently co-created the Find Your Tribe - Find Your Power! Group coaching program to help heart-centered entrepreneurs find the raving fans who will devour anything they publish or promote! Save yourself time and money by knowing your Right Tribe. Many of us can go upstream, working hard to get a list of clients to serve, only to find it is the wrong list and that our tribe can be found elsewhere. Learn who your tribe is first. Ryan helps us through his experience and his lessons learned, saving us time and helping us find our tribe.

Alexandria Barker
Wishful Thanking for Entrepreneurs
Our guest expert today is Alexandria Barker. Alexandria focuses on giving you the confidence and know-how to connect with your intuitive voice while running your business, and guides you in the direction of your dreams, as well as helping you experience success in every area of your life.
In this interview, Alexandria Barker is going to cover:
* What the Law of Attraction is, and what your chakras are
* How entrepreneurs can leverage the LOA to create thriving businesses and happy lives
* The powerful impact gratitude has on this law of the universe, and how it benefits people professionally
* Specific actions entrepreneurs can take to raise their vibrational set point and increase their revenue

Jennifer Erdman
Direct Sales: A Different Kind of Business
Our guest expert today is Jennifer Erdman. Jennifer discusses how is direct sales different from other businesses and how she works from home as a very busy mother. She says how social media plays a role in her business model and can in your's. She states how network in today's society is about continuing to make new contacts and how it helps her business success. She talks about these products not being in stores and how she continues to grow her business and manage her time, which may be of interest to busy entrepreneurs.

Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards
From Best-Kept Secret to Niche Supernova
Today's exciting guest is Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards. If you want to earn a great living and make a big difference doing what you're passionate about - you've probably already realized that expertise and marketing are not enough. Not by a long shot. Even if you're great at what you do and market like crazy... without a way to grab attention in today's overcrowded marketplace there's a high chance you could remain the best-kept secret in your field forever. Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards shares how Kickass Branding is the fast-track for you to 'go Supernova', establish yourself as a vibrant, high-visibility leader in your niche and attract all the high-paying clients you can handle... doing what you LOVE!

Laurie Szott-Rogers
Odd Woman Out- Follows Beat of Her Own Drum- And How You Can Too!
For today, our guest expert is Laurie Szott-Rogers, a very good friend of mine. Laurie Szott-Rogers is co-owner of Scents of Wonder/Self Heal Distributing and Northern Star College, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has been an entrepreneur for 24 years, and she will be explaining the 10 ables that make your Business Work, so you don't want to miss this.

Tara Butler Floch
Savvy Strategic Alliances - Choosing the Right Partners to Grow a Prosperous,
Joyous Business
You are in for a treat today with Tara Butler Floch! Tara is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach, and she is going to teach us how to choose the right partners to grow a business, which is so important today in a world where you just can't do everything.

Dr. Annika Sorensen
Vibrant Businesses, Vibrant Lives [Stress from New Perspective --
Stressing Out to Exciting Vibrancy in Business]
Next up today is Dr. Annika Sorensen. Dr. Annika is a physician who is passionate about speaking up about the importance of your mindset regarding stress in your life and in your business. She talk about new scientific findings about stress and health. How we think is vital to the quality of life we attract to us. Dr. Annika Sorensen is a physician who is passionate about speaking up about the importance of your mindset regarding stress in your life and in your business. She talk about new scientific findings about stress and health. How we think is vital to the quality of life we attract to us.

Casey Eberhart
Networking Riches. Secrets of a Super Connector!
Today, we welcome Casey Eberhart, one of the most in-demand Keynote Speakers and Strategists in the world. Casey is known for his engaging and entertaining style, as well as, his mastery level knowledge of internet marketing, social media, business networking and digital content creation. His audiences rave about his ability to provide immediate value to businesses seeking to accelerate their results. He is committed to getting results and has built his career studying and developing business best-practices to help others master collaborative digital marketing.

Annie Kirschenmann
Leveraging The Creative Gap™ to Fire Up Your Business
Today, we present Annie Kirschenmann, the former CEO of an international company, who is a "non-verbal language" expert and holds her Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy. With a lifetime of experience in the arts, she brings this diverse set of talents, skills and experience to her coaching, training, and strategic development, in the Creativity Matrix™. In 2005, U.S. Senator Kent Conrad named Annie the very first Entrepreneur of the Year.

Gary Gosch
Sweet and Savory Essentials that Align Your Business:
3 Categories with 20 Tips to Tip Your Tipping Point
Today, our guest expert is Gary Gosch. Gary Gosch is the president of Success Corporation LTD. He has worked with large corporations, small businesses and non-profits to lower costs, increase revenues, and add to the bottom line. His plans and strategies have helped new start-ups generate over $500,000 in sales in their first year and other smaller companies have almost tripled in size in 12 months time. He will give you great advice and feedback that will help your company grow!

Priscilla Stephan
The 3 Keys to Building a Soulful Business in a Body You Love
For today, our guest expert is Priscilla Stephan. Priscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Wellness Expert, Certified Healthy Living Coach and Speaker Who Supports Busy Entrepreneurs in Living Vibrant and Joyous Lives by Embracing a Soulful Path to Wellness and Success. As an entrepreneur, you have a big vision for yourself and the impact you desire to make in the world. However, as you've embarked on your entrepreneurial path, you may have found yourself sacrificing your health and perhaps parts of your sanity in the pursuit of a 6 figure business. You've tried following someone else's blueprint for success, working 24/7 and it's probably left you exhausted, frustrated, burnt out and unfulfilled. You're ready now for a sweeter approach that aligns with your desires, creates more financial freedom and where your soul and well-being are embraced as a key part of the success equation.

Esterine Dahlstrom
The Big Why
Our guest expert today is Esterine Dahlstrom. Esterine is highly intuitive and a Business Relationship Coach specializing in helping business professionals dissolve the hidden relationship blocks so they successfully attract clients. When her clients reveal the "real" hard-wiring, the reason you think,speak, write, and act the way you do, there is a level of clarity that then attracts the "right" relationships. "The Big Why", is about WHY you want to get up in the morning and be happy in your work. Being aligned with your Big Why is vital to propel your business success, is our topic today. When people resonate with the work they love, they can burst through the blocks. Happiness in the work place or in the work itself makes all the difference to your great business success.

Sherley Grace
Stop the Insanity: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies to End Overwhelm and Confusion So that
You Can Multiply Your Income and Create a Life You Love!
For today, our guest is Sherley Grace. Sherley Grace is an Award Winning Certified Coach and leading expert on women entrepreneurs and leverage. She is masterful at helping women design and grow thriving businesses by charging what they are worth and getting from "Step One to DONE" in record time, so that they can achieve results quickly, with confidence and ease.
In this content-rich session you'll discover:
* The Top 3 mistakes women make that sabotage their business growth and their bank account
* Your #1 role in your business (and I can assure you, it's probably not what you think!)
* How to identify the blind spots in your business so that you can know exactly what actions to take to get unstuck and propel
your business to the next level
* 5 Sure-Fire Strategies to end overwhelm and grow your business with clarity, confidence and ease, starting TODAY,
so that you can create a life your love
* And more!

Dolphin and Susan Kasper
Keys to Connecting: Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Business Relationships
Our guest experts for today are Dolphin and Susan Kasper, who are really going to shake things up! In this exciting interview Susan and Dolphin Kasper will be speaking about uncovering the tools and abilities you already have that will take your business to new heights. Learn what it takes to cultivate more meaningful relationships and watch business connections become a network of fans, supporters and friends. In this powerful interview you will be reminded how simply being yourself actually works. Join us and rediscover that your best tools for connecting and finding success in your business are right inside you.

Heather Cameron
7 Accelerators to Raise Your Profits and Double Your Income
Our guest expert for today is Heather Cameron. Does the thought of doubling your income excite you and overwhelm you at the same time? Where do you start? Learn how to use the 7 Accelerators to turn your desire to doubling your income into manageable, measurable and achievable goals. Heather Cameron is the creator of Ignite Your Market Programs.

Isabel Hundt
Quest to Success - Pushing Forward When Details Become Your Downfall
Today we welcome Isabel Hundt. As entrepreneurs we are taking on many different roles - admin, customer service, tech support and much more - that often ends in us doing the work we are not very excited about. Frustration, demotivation, exhaustion, overwhelm and feeling stuck are the results. We no longer stand in our power and can deliver on our calling, our passion. In this interview. we will talk about different ways including mind maps and exercises that will help us overcome those obstacles and move forward empowered instead of defeated. We will talk about ways of being and thinking that will have you stand out to create sustainable success as entrepreneur instead of having details become your downfall.

Charlene Fisher
What's Your Money Mojo and Sacred Money Archetype?
Think of your Sacred Money Archetype as your "Money Mojo". People's behaviors are all different and your Sacred Money Archetypes are what shape your thoughts and attitudes towards money, and that the value of defining these archetypes, especially to ourselves is that they can give you a basis for understanding how we got to the financial life we have today. You can achieve the financial life you want by understanding what archetype you are and then creating your money mojo. Your money mojo is your good luck charm on attracting money and discovering how to get it and keep it!

Belinda Pruyne
Big Success On Your Own Terms
Our guest expert today is Belinda Pruyne. Belinda Pruyne, an Executive Leadership Mentor and Business Growth Strategist, blends solid management expertise with visionary leadership principles to transform emerging entrepreneurs, executives and their teams from smart tacticians into trusted, respected, ad highly effective leaders.

Ronnie Tsunami
How to Stand Out When the Sea of Competition is Rough
Today, our guest expert is Ronnie Tsunami. Ronnie Tsunami is a Technology Advisor and Speaker, with a specialization in digital marketing (internet, social media and mobile marketing), helping entrepreneurs to embrace the latest tools, techniques and technologies to accelerate the growth of their business. His entire career has been focused on never being satisfied with the "status quo," and pushing the envelope with innovation.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
The Essential Psychological Components of Establishing Successful Businesses
Today I give share my insight with Laurie Szott-Rogers on the Essential Psychological Components of Establishing Successful Businesses.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Recap Highlights of the Telesummit
The Align Your Business For Success (AYBFS) Telesummit has come to a close, and I truly hope you got some valuable info that you will implement within the next 90 days. I want to thank all of our wonderful speakers, and I'd also like to invite you to watch replays of the interviews.

About your host Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Dr Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers is a telesummit host, Registered Psychologist in Alberta, a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with The American Dance Therapy Association, a Registered Art Therapist in Canada and USA, a Certified QSCA Life Coach and Law of Attraction Coach. She has a Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology with Canada's Open University, Athabasca University. For over 20 years she has co-owned and managed a psychological firm with her husband.

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