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Igor Ledochowski & Don Spencer - Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp (Reduced Filesize) [155 MP4s,...

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Igor Ledochowski & Don Spencer - Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp (Reduced Filesize) [155 MP4s,...
Igor Ledochowski & Don Spencer - Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp (Reduced Filesize) [155 MP4s,28 MP3s,10 M4As,6 PDFs]
English | Size: 7.28 GB
Category: Hypnosis / NLP

Too much awesome information for people to miss just because their ratio won't take the hit. But the original encoding was one of the worst examples of wasting space I have ever seen. One video was 10 minutes of video in a 2.36 gig package. This torrent has been re-encoded to reduce the file size from 30.41 gig to 7.28 gig.
Here is the description as posted in the original, larger torrent:

Is Money, Fame & Fun The Ultimate New Year Gift To Yourself?

"Stride Out Of The 'How To Be A Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp' With The Power, Skills & Charisma Of A Top Stage Hypnotist & With Your Own Amazing Promotional DVD...

...That Proves You've ALREADY Run A Stage Hypnosis Show At The World Famous Venetian Hotel & Casino
On The Las Vegas Strip!"

The World Famous Venetian Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Dear Future Professional Stage Hypnotist, I probably don't need to tell you just how profitable and fun it is to be a part time or full time Professional Stage Hypnotist. Not to mention how people simply hold you in awe either in person or in the media.

If having the skills, power and charisma of a stage hypnotist interest you at all, then you should come to The Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas between March 11th-14th 2010 for Igor Ledochowski's & Don Spencer's "How To Be A Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp".

Here's why...

Firstly and most importantly you're going to be trained by Don Spencer, one of the world's top Stage Hypnotists for the past 25 years and by Igor Ledochowski, who many consider to be the world's foremost hypnosis teacher and trainer and who has taken hypnosis in exciting new directions.

And just as Igor found with general hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the training available for Stage Hypnosis is almost universally VERY POOR. So he has devised a foolproof system to turn you into a top Stage Hypnotist, during 4 highly intensive bootcamp days using his unique teaching system.

Secondly you will leave the bootcamp having ACTUALLY performed a Stage Hypnosis Show at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. (Don't be concerned about stage fright, this will be done on the last day of the training using your fellow stage hypnosis trainees and you WILL be fully confident and know what you are doing.)

What's more this will be taped and turned into a professional 10-15 minute promotional DVD of you in action.

This will be worth MANY MANY times it's weight in GOLD to you.

Many up and coming Stage Hypnotist's would KILL to have a promotional DVD of themselves performing at the Venetian on the Strip. The reason is simple, agents and venues will take you extremely seriously and want to book your show.

Here's Some Of The Reasons Why March Is Going To Be So Special...

Earn Serious Income Part Time Or Full Time - You can run shows only on weekends or you can choose to embrace the whole lifestyle.

Professional Stage Hypnotists Charge Between $750-$3,000 (Or More) For A Single Show (Lasting between 60-90 minutes!)

How To Book Your Own Theatre Using The "Four Wall" System And Keep All The Ticket Money. Don Spencer has successfully done this for many years and will show you how he did it so you can repeat his success.

Have An Old Expert Show You How To Get Into The Business Fast. Don used to hold the world record for the longest running stage hypnosis show in the world.

You Could Be Doing Your First Show The Day After This Live Training Has Finished. You will have the skill and knowledge to do this. You can be earning many times Your investment back before the end of March!

Get Paid Very Well To Develop Irresistible Charisma & In Time You Might Even Become A Superstar.

Be Part Of An Exciting A Growing Industry

Revealed: How You Can Use Your Skills To Get FREE Or Even PAID Holidays In Exciting Locations Or On Luxury Cruise Ships!

Recession Proof Yourself - The entertainment industry (shows, movies and YES stage hypnosis!) Have historically always been in greater demand when recession comes to town (And it makes sense - that is when people most need to forget their problems for a while!). It's no surprise that 2009 has been Hollywood's biggest ever year.

Become An Ambassador For Hypnosis - The MAIN way that people know what hypnosis is good for is through stage hypnosis. Those countries that have NO stage hypnotists have NO hypnotherapists! Here's your chance to prove to everyone that hypnosis is a force for good. And get paid handsomely at the same time.

Fill Your Hypnotherapy Practice. A little known secret is that you can fill a hypnotherapy practice by presenting a powerful demonstration of hypnosis to a crowd of people. Stage hypnotists often stay in town a week or more after their show racking in the cash by doing hypnotherapy with people from their audience. Now you can do it too.

How To Really Do A Lecture Demo - A powerful demonstration of the power of hypnosis designed to get people coming in droves to your hypnotherapy clinic.

Discover Igor's Unique Step By Step Accelerated Hypnosis Training Techniques - Everyone that has ever trained with Igor simply raves at how EASY and how MUCH FUN it is to master hypnosis using his special system. Nothing like this has ever existed before for stage hypnosis.

Unique NEVER BEFORE SEEN Benefits of This Bootcamp In March

(This Opportunity May Never Be Available To You Again)

Do Your OWN Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show ON THE STRIP!

Have A Priceless Professional Promotional DVD Featuring YOUR Las Vegas Show To Give To Promoters & Venues And Get Booked.

Having The Complete Package - Most stage hypnosis trainings will show you what to do, if they are good they will give you a chance to experience a dry run but only doing parts of a stage show...With Igor & Don you will do a FULL (albeit short) Stage Hypnosis Show from start to finish. So you will know that you can do it!

Only A Real Master Hypnotist Can Run A Full Stage Show For Small Audiences In Just 15 or 20 Minutes...Most stage hypnotists would refuse such a gig...You will know how to THRIVE in it - All other gigs will be EASY by comparison!

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover At The Bootcamp...

Day 1 (9 am to 9 pm) - Stage Hypnosis Foundations

Discover What Hypnosis Really Is & How To Easily Hypnotize Anyone

How To Do Impressive Las Vegas Style Instant Inductions With Anyone. You will be doing it in the very FIRST HOUR of your training!

Uncover The Most Important Secret To Making Instant Inductions Always Work For You - Only the "Old Hands" know this, and most of them don't want to share this secret with you!

Find Out The Secret Of Creating Powerful Deep Trances With Anyone

The Secret To Putting Crowds Of Dozens, If Not HUNDREDS Of People Into A Hypnotic Trance. In a stage show its critical and its easy once you know how.

Don't Spend 30 Minutes Trying To Hypnotize Your Volunteers - Its Boring & Unprofessional (And Yet Thousands Of Stage Hypnotists Still Do This). Here's how to get a better effect in mere minutes - Even with a LARGE group!

Develop Your Hypnotic Powers So That You Can Stand On That Stage
With Your Head Held High Knowing Without A Doubt YOU CAN DO THIS.

The Secret To A Great Shows Is Picking The Right Volunteers. With the wrong ones you will have more luck squeezing blood out of a stone than getting a dramatic hypnotic reaction from them. Here's how to select the right one every time!

How To Entertain The Crowd Whilst Hypnotizing Them (To Ensure They
LOVE Your Show & Only The Very Best Subjects Volunteer)

Here's The Secret For Setting Up ALL Your Hypnosis To Be SO Effortless That You Have Already Succeeded Before You Formally Begin. WARNING If you fail to do this, you might miss the warning signs that tell you that you're about to fail horribly!

The Way You Start Your Show Will Determine How the Whole Show Is Judged. Here's a secret to starting the show so powerfully that people will be telling their grand kids about you in 50 years from now.

How To Use Conversational Hypnosis To Effortlessly Demonstrate Your Hypnotic Powers Before You Formally Begin The Show. Nobody will be hypnotized (Or so they THINK) and yet they can't talk, move or even think without your permission!

Stage Hypnosis Is Ridiculously Easy When You Learn From A True Master (And You Will Be Learning From TWO - Igor & Don). Now you will be able to amaze people ANYWHERE using the skills you learned JUST in the FIRST Day!

What DO You Do If You FAIL To Hypnotize Someone On Stage... Here's a simple way to handle this and make sure your show is stronger than ever

Day 2 (9 am - 9 pm) Show Time - Vegas Style!

Discover The Structure All Professional Stage Hypnotists Take Their Show Through To Guarantee A Wild Success

The 4 Key Ingredients To Success As A Stage Hypnotist Are: Business Skills, Hypnotic Skills, Show Structure And Charisma. You'll discover how to develop all FOUR on this program

Discover How To Create A Nail bitingly Dramatic & Side Splittingly Funny Show Every Time

Learn Some Of The Funniest Stage Hypnosis Routines - And Actually GetHANDS ON PRACTICE DOING THEM For Yourself. It's no good KNOWING about them if you've never experienced them...

Discover The Subtle Nuances On How To Run Stage Hypnosis Routines To Milk Every Drop Of Drama, Comedy And Entertainment Possible From Them

How To Safely Perform A Stage Hypnosis Show Every Time - Don't Risk Getting Sued!

How To Handle Disasters & Other Interruptions

Avoid These People If You Want The Show To Go Smoothly!

Avoid These Routines Unless You Want To Risk A Major Problem!

Day 3 (9 am to 9 pm) - Down To Business

Discover How To Easily Do The Hardest Stage Hypnosis Show In The World

Find Out How To Get On Cruise Ships For Free As A Stage Hypnotist

The Key Insider Business Secrets That Every New Stage Hypnotist NEEDS To Know If He Wants To Guarantee That He Won't Fail!

How To Handle Different Audiences - Corporate, Military & College Gigs Are Totally Different From One Other. Unless you know what to expect, you risk failing in a BIG way

Find Out All The Backstage Secrets Of A Seasoned Pro

How To Start Your Show On A Budget. You can blow over $10,000 on stage equipment, but when you start out you'll need these secrets so that you don't spend A PENNY until you've already been paid!

How To Use Music That Will Rock Your Show

How To Create The Perfect Show Atmosphere To Match Your Character!

How To Banish Fear & Pre-Show Nerves

Prepare For Your BIG Show On Day 4 AND Make Sure Every Hiccup has been handled before You Go Live!

Day 4 (9 am - 9pm) - A Record Breaking Show!

Perform Your Very Own Las Vegas Show ON THE STRIP From Start To Finish! You're the STAR doing what you've been trained to do!

Have A DVD Of Your Own Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show (On The Strip) To Prove To Friends, Co-Workers & Family That You Did It!

More importantly Have A Professionally Edited Promotional DVD Of YOUR Show To Give To Prospective Clients, Venues & Promoters!

Please Note This Will Be A FULL & Intensive DAY. Please DO NOT Schedule Your Return Flights For The Same Day As We'll Be Finishing Late On March 14th. If You Are Taking Part In The Full Show & DVD Day, You MUST Stay The FULL Day.

As you can see these four intense days are absolutely PACKED with insider information and hands on training to turn you into a Professional Stage Hypnotist.

Remember this intense bootcamp style is the equivalent of a usual 7 days of training time.

At the very least this program is worth $5,000 considering the money you can easily make with the skills you'll have. Not to mention the fame and fun you can have anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Then there's also the Professionally Edited Promotional DVD of you running your own show at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. That's priceless.

Personally I feel $2,995 is more than fair considering the value you're getting.

But Igor has decided that entry should be $1,995 which is an absolute bargain.

However if you enroll right now you can save yourself a massive $1,000 with a special Christmas time discount.

That's right enroll today and your investment is just $995 (and you can split-pay that over two months if you wish).

And that's not all because you're completely protected with a 100% Guarantee...

Igor Ledochowski - Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp

(with Master Stage Hypnotist - Don Spencer)

Product Descriptions

Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp

The Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp consists of the following:

How to Be a Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp - A 15 DVD Set

DVD 01 - How to Be a Powerful Stage Hypnotist

DVD 02 - The Secrets to Becoming a Master of Instant Inductions

DVD 03 - How to Do Dramatic Hypnotic Demonstrations & Overcome Any Shyness

DVD 04 - Discover the Power of Waking Inductions & How to Train an Audience

DVD 05 - Group Induction Secrets, Corporate Inductions, & How to Deal with Problems

DVD 06 - Instant Street Hypnosis Training & Group Dynamics You Need to Know

DVD 07 - How to Start a Stage Hypnosis Show the RIGHT Way!

DVD 08 - How to Practice the Start of Your Stage Hypnosis Show So It Runs Perfectly Every Time!

DVD 09 - Discover the Exact Steps a Professional Stage Hypnotist Uses to Warm Up His Volunteers on Stage

DVD 10 - The 7 Critical Phases Every Stage Hypnosis Show Must Go Through to Be a Sensational Success

DVD 11 - Advanced Stage Hypnosis Routines & How to Invent New Routines

DVD 12 - The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own Show

DVD 13 - Secrets to a Successful Stage Hypnosis Business & How to Promote Your Show Anytime, Anywhere & to Anyone

DVD 14 - Your Stage Hypnosis Business Questions Answered

DVD 15 - How to Put All the Parts of Your Show Together So Everything Runs Like Clockwork & Conclusion of the Training

1 Complete Transcript in PDF

15 Individual DVD Transcripts in PDF

4 Bonus DVDs

Bonus DVD 01 - Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)

Bonus DVD 02 - Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)

Bonus DVD 03 - Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)

Bonus DVD 04 - Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)

1 Bonus DVD - Sample PROMO Pieces & DIY (Do It Yourself) Promo Items

1 Bonus CD on Advanced Safety Training for Stage Hypnosis

5 Bonus CDs with Royalty Free Music to Use In Your Stage Hypnosis Shows

Special Bonus: Stage Confidence Self-Hypnosis Digital MP3

One of the biggest objections we've heard is from people who have stage fright. They're afraid of getting on stage and talking.

If you're one of these people, it's okay. Lots of people have a fear of public speaking.

But get this... Igor has just created a brand new 40-minute self-hypnosis audio to automatically program you for confidence on the stage.

After listening to this self-hypnosis audio, you'll be able to waltz on-stage without any butterflies in your stomach... without ever feeling even a twinge of nervousness or self-doubt.

Crash Course Seminar on Stage Hypnosis

Igor recently interviewed Spencer about how he got started as a professional stage hypnotist -- and all the steps he follows to make his shows run like a well-oiled machine.

After this interview, Igor & Spencer recorded what I'm calling the "Crash Course Seminar on Stage Hypnosis" - It runs for over three and a half hours. (Plus if you haven't yet heard the Interview that will be also available)

Listen to these in your car or while you're walking or doing errands around your house to reinforce everything you've learned in the DVDs.

Sample Stage Contract

Here is a sample stage contract that you can modify and begin using immediately to book your own paid stage hypnosis shows.

We've personally seen contracts like this sold for $149. And it would cost a small fortune to have an attorney draft one up from scratch. But you get this sample contract free.

Stage Hypnosis Business Card Templates

Here are 9 custom-made business card templates so you can promote your stage hypnosis business to people you meet in your everyday life.

We've commissioned these business cards to be professionally designed JUST for stage hypnotists! Which means your business card is going to look unique... and it's going to make you look like a professional.

Sample Press Release

A great way to make sure you're only performing for sold out shows is to publish a press release announcing the time and date of your performance.

With that in mind, here is a sample press release -- written specifically for stage hypnotists -- that you can adapt and release anytime you put on a new show.

6 Stage Hypnosis Promotional Posters

We had these 6 posters commissioned just for you. They have been designed specifically to promote stage hypnosis shows -- and they look amazing!

All you have to do is plug in the venue where you're performing, the time and date of your show, your name... and that's basically it.

Advanced Safety Training for Stage Hypnosis - Digital

As much fun as stage hypnosis is, you always need to put the safety of your volunteers first.

That's why Igor has created a list of modified instructions for regressions so every show you do runs SMOOTHLY and SAFELY.

Igor says this audio recording is so critical to your long-term success that you should listen to it FIRST before you go through any of the other materials.

Buy premimum account for High speed+parallel downloads!

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