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John Carlton - License to Steal (2007) [4 avi, 1 pdf]

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John Carlton - License to Steal (2007) [4 avi, 1 pdf]

John Carlton - License to Steal (2007) [4 avi, 1 pdf]
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It's the last "lesson" on writing world-class copy you'll ever need...

"How To Skip The Hard Part Of Writing Killer Sales Copy... And, Overnight, Put 5 Already-Written World-Class Wealth-Generating Ads To Work For You!"

You can forget about all the agony of coming up with ideas, concepts or even power words... because I've already done most of the writing (and all of the thinking) FOR you! No matter where you are now in your business life (or where your writing skills are), I guarantee you will walk away from this lesson armed with the immediate skills to adapt 5 masterpiece ads you can use next week to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your most wicked dreams. Check this out, right now, if you're finally ready to go screeching off on the wildest (and richest) ride of your life,...
From: John Carlton


How about if I give you FIVE ADS you can run right away... that are front-loaded to work like crazy for you. Because they're already proven. And already laid out for you to convert to your own needs. In fact... these five ads are...

Masterpieces of Advertising! Each one has already earned a fortune... after being posted online, or mailing to lists, or running in publications over and over again... proving themselves as cash-generating machines each time. In tough markets, too, where profits are usually hard to come by. Yet, these five ads were MONSTER WINNERS right out of the gate.

One of the letters mailed for 5 years to millions of names (generating a 7-digit fortune in profit). Two of the ads have been running consistently in magazines for over a decade, and mailing to targeted lists with results that would take your breath away... and, in fact, are right now pulling in hot profits every month after being posted (with little or no editing) on simple Web sites. Great copy is like a magnet for customers. The other two pieces are CLASSICS of direct response advertising -- not only earning massive piles of cash while they ran, but also serving as secret "boilerplate" blueprints for other ads and Websites and letters that have brought in millions. They contain nearly every single major sales tactic ever invented -- literally, they are sizzling powerhouse pitches that don't miss a trick. These five ads have slaughtered the competition and sucked in massive profit in their original markets... and they're just itching to be let loose on OTHER markets. Say, yours. They are primed for serious money-making to new prospects. How do I know these ads perform so well? Easy. I wrote em. Every single one of them. I know what kind of response they generated, how long they've been running... and, more important...

I Know The Secrets
Behind Their Amazing Success! That's critical... because... I'm now going to show you how to easily and simply "redirect" the white-hot magic of these five ads... right onto YOUR market. No matter what you're selling or who you're selling it to.

What's more... I'll give you WRITTEN PERMISSION to use these ads, so there's absolutely no copyright infringement or misunderstandings. You can go to town, right away, without fear. These ads will be your slaves, legally and ethically. Other people have illegally been trying to copy these same five ads for years now. But they do it horribly wrong... because they don't understand the hidden tactics behind the copy. All they see is an ad that worked... and they try to copy the magic. And it is NOT easy to do... unless you have the original writer guiding you through it. Even members of my Insider's Club screwed it up. What's more... copying these masterpieces won't work at world-class levels (where all the HUGE money is)... until you have those KEYS to the secrets underneath the obvious stuff. These are the crucial secrets that only I can teach you... since I know exactly what went INTO the copy in the first place.

I've got the recipe. And, until now, Ive only shared it with a handful of others. Now -- if you're ready -- I'm willing to you ALL of these secrets. Which will immediately make it EASY and SIMPLE for you to convert these masterpieces for your own use. And you can do it in just a few quick steps, following my exact instructions. For example...

I will show you WHY each headline grabbed the reader in such a mega-effective way... and HOW to "translate" that snarling power so you can easily adapt the same proven headline -- with just a few "on target" changes -- to your market. (This instantly solves your biggest problem -- getting your prospect's undivided attention, and pulling him deep into your pitch.)

I will reveal the sneaky psychological tactics hidden behind the all-important opening paragraphs -- the juicy details that KEEP the reader intensely interested -- so you will have no trouble at all redirecting each ad's "opening mojo" to your product. (Just like "plug n' play". Bang, a few changes, and you've got a killer opening to your ad! For most writers, this is the hardest part of the pitch to get right... and now, it's already done FOR you.)

I will deconstruct the bullets, so it becomes obvious why they worked... and also obvious how you can ever-so-simply tweak each one to fit your business. (Having world-class bullets will force your prospect to desire your product so badly, he won't be able to sleep until he orders. You can finally overwhelm the reader -- just like the best writers in the biz -- with emotionally-dense snatches of copy that slips your sales pitch past his defenses and straight into his subconscious.)

And... I will show you how to look for... and quickly find... your own peculiar HOOK to replace the one I used. It's right under your nose. (Understanding how to find -- and use -- the right hook is the difference between boring ads that pull nothing... and MONSTER winners that break the bank!)
This is Operation MoneySuck at the highest level. You are about to take FULL ADVANTAGE of one of the best copywriters alive... and learn how to co-opt my best stuff. Here's what's going on: The first "just me and the audience" teaching seminar I ever gave was the "Copywriting Sweatshop" (which sold out in record time, by the way). I asked each attendee to bring an ad or letter they'd written... and at the event I tore those ads apart. In other words... I took essentially "bad" copy, and showed people how to begin reconstructing it and making it better. That approach worked very well to help many people get their heads straight on what was needed to begin making their copy work in the real world. I called my second teaching event the "License To Steal" seminar. And it was the OTHER HALF of that thinking. I took already-proven masterpiece ads... and tore them apart to reveal the inner workings. The "hidden" magic that makes them bring in the Big Bucks... and continue to bring in the bacon over and over again for years. In fact... to my mind, these "License To Steal" DVDs are MORE CRITICAL than the "Copywriting Sweatshop" DVDs are to your quest to learn how to write at a world-class level. It's how I got good. Right after I went solo as a freelancer, I spent an enormous amount of time and energy finding proven winning ads... and then tearing them apart to find out what made them so darn good. I did this with pieces by Gary Bencivenga, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Jim Rutz, and every other "Hall of Fame" writer whose material I could get my hands on. I got extremely good at this tactic -- no other writer I've met has even come close to breaking the code on dissecting winners like this. I also received "insider" feedback from these writers on stuff I'd written -- the way the "Copywriting Sweatshop" was set up. BUT... the MOST help I got... was in de-constructing the killer already-proven letters of other writers. Which is exactly the way I set up the "License To Steal" seminar. Very simply...

I Revealed The Secrets I Used MYSELF
To Get Really, Really Good... Really, Really FAST! And guess what? I had the seminar filmed and put on DVDs. And there are just a few sets of those DVDs here in my office. If you get back to me right now...

You Can Check Em Out
Without Risking A Penny! This is something you definitely want to do, if you're at ALL serious about your ability to use copy to bring in wealth. Now, I still believe the main appeal of this new seminar is that I have "blueprinted" for you 5 of my best ads, with permission to alter them to your own needs. However... even more important than those 5 "boilerplate" ads... are the skills I will reveal regarding tearing apart winning ads and figuring out how they work so well. It's like painting. You can slap water colors on a canvas, and have a great artist talk to you for hours on what you did wrong, and how to improve your brush stroke and whatever. That can help, a bit. BUT... you'll progress even faster, with better chops, if that same great artist shows you how a famous painting was done. How the details were achieved, and all the secrets and tricks behind the magic. The stuff you just cannot see by just looking at a winning ad. The deep, hidden stuff you need a guide to be able to comprehend. Like...

How to ignite passion, with just a few well-chosen power words aimed right at the sweet spot of your prospect. (If you're like 99% of the people out there writing ads, you're trying to survive on "cold" appeals -- which lack emotion and any true connection to the reader. This murders results. I'll set you straight, right away and without fuss.)

How to keep interest hot and intense throughout the pitch, so there's never a chance for the reader to disengage. (Most rookie writers fail at this, and it can take years, on your own, to "get" how to accomplish this skill. Watching me lay it out, you'll understand immediately... and finally have one of the most wicked-profitable high-end pro-level skills at your command.)

How to create real urgency, without hype. (Another absolutely necessary element of a winning ad most people botch.)

How to deal with your reader's "Bullshit Detector"... and win him over even though he desperately wants you to go away and leave him alone. (This unique knowledge separates the winners from the losers in the ad world.)

How to stop "trying" to write... and finally get into that dangerous super-salesman's groove where the pitch writes itself. (You can do this, once I show you how. And it will change your life.)

How to build up your own "Big Promise", and tie it in with a killer USP that won't let your prospect sleep until he's ordered. And everything else that goes into getting your sales pitch across in a way that brings in the money like a dam burst. And this goes for everyone, at every level of expertise. All it takes... is sitting down with me while I show you the tricks behind the magic.

Once I show you WHY and HOW these five masterpieces worked so well... word by word, phrase by phrase, and strategy by strategy... you're going to have the biggest damn smile on your face you've ever had. You'll be smiling because...

You Will Be Able To Plug In Your Own Specifics
As Easily As Pounding Square Pegs Into Square Holes...
And Make Each Ad YOURS! I'm serious. It's as simple as a child's game to adapt ANY proven ad to your own uses. All you need... is to have someone (like me) show you the stunningly simple secrets behind the success. And give you the boilerplate, already written, that lets you do it yourself. There are many marketers out there who have written, on their own, a single ad that worked to some degree. Sometimes, they lucked into it, or obsessed so much on the project that they did version after version...until one finally started bringing in some profit. But they don't really know WHY the ad worked. And they couldn't REPEAT their luck if a gun were held to their head. Why? Because... they don't understand the secrets behind money-making copy. It's like the old saying: Everybody has one novel in them. (But seldom two.) Same with ads -- if you try long and hard enough, you may stumble onto a headline or offer that brings in some serious moolah. But why work that hard? And why risk your wealth, and the success of your business, on the "maybe" chance you will, somehow, be able to create an original new ad that might work well enough to bring in profit and new customers? Why not...

Ethically CHEAT? Why not just "borrow" an ad that has already proven itself to contain ALL the necessary secrets and ingredients to be a world-class wealth-generator... and simply "translate" it to your own market? You can do it with complete positive karma, because I will give you permission to do it. I'll show you how, and light the fire under your butt to get you going. This is my personal invitation to you to pillage my best five ads. I know this tactic works like crazy, when you finally figure out how to do it right. I know, because I've helped others do it myself many, many times. Some of the smartest (and richest) marketers alive have learned to do it to perfection.

The results can take your breath away. An "okay" ad can bring in some nice little profit. Like a dollar and a quarter for every dollar you spend. You may be able to survive on that kind of return. But a world-class masterpiece... the kind that I've written and already proven in the real markets out there...

Can Supercharge Your Bottom-Line Results Literally Overnight! That's why people pay me the big bucks to write a piece for them. It's not that they like to hand out checks for $30,000 (my standard up-front fee for copy). (This doesn't count the royalties I often get, either.) Nope. It's because they are utterly confident that what I write will be like opening a new checking account somewhere... and having other people stuff that account with cash. To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, on up to millions. That's what running or mailing a winning ad is like. The money can come flooding in so fast you can't keep up with depositing it all. It's like the dam burst. It is, simply...

The Difference Between "Just Getting By"...
And Finally Getting Busy Earning The Fortune That Will Allow You
To Live In Luxury For The Rest Of Your Days! That's why smart business owners pay me outrageous fees to write ads for them. My little Bag of Tricks holds the key to a big damn house on Easy Street.

So... have I flipped my lid here? Why in the hell would I reveal the hidden secrets behind my most famous and biggest profit-generating ads... so you can copy them yourself, and SKIP hiring me to write for you? It is a little like committing professional suicide, isn't it. Because, once I do share the inside secrets behind my best work, you will realize two things immediately:

It is so easy to alter an existing advertisement to your own greedy little needs -- and have it work so amazingly well -- that you may never bother to try writing original ads ever again... and...

You can stop struggling with the whole business of writing ads altogether... and, instead, get on with the business of running your "ready-made" masterpieces and RAKING IN OBSCENE PROFITS. Because you've now got 5 very smoking ads "in the bank", waiting to be unleashed whenever you choose.
I really could make myself -- and the entire skill set of advanced copywriting I teach -- obsolete. So why am I doing this? Simple. First -- the ONLY people who are going to even know I'm selling these "License To Steal" seminar DVDs at this rock bottom price are the people who read my blog and click on the "Special Offer" link. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't even a ripple on the pond of the Big Old Marketing World Out There. There will always be plenty of other people who need to hire me, at my full outrageous fees. That doesn't worry me a bit. Second -- this is what I LOVE to do. I started this whole enterprise -- the newsletter, the manuals, the Copywriting Sweatshop -- because I love to teach. No one helped me when I started out, and I made a vow that -- after I made it -- I would do my best to help everyone I could. I want to be that pro who takes the time to help rookies and small business owners "get over the hump" of creating great advertising. I enjoy my role as the guy who reveals all the insider secrets that other professionals want to keep to themselves. (Trust me -- a lot of "expert" copywriters are gonna be plenty pissed at me for revealing these secrets, too.) Without doubt, this is the BEST way I can help you, right now. These DVDs will not make your brain ache with complex copywriting theory. Instead... I just show you how to take one (or more) of my existing "home run" ads... and adapt em for your own immediate use. With my permission.

This is pure evil on my part. Why? Because... this is going to change EVERYTHING in your market, and every other market of every other guy smart enough to take me up on this hyper-generous offer. Knowing how to instantly assault your market with this kind of world-class advertising is NOT like hiring a warrior to teach you how to fight. No way. It's like hiring a warrior to go out... and do the dirty work FOR you. Hey -- I like that metaphor. Imagine your market as something you need to conquer. (This is usually true.) Now, instead of you getting bloody and exhausted trying to beat the competition and win over customers... imagine having a professional bad-ass "hired gun" (say, a guy like me, for instance) go out and just slaughter the competition and corral all the customers you could ever handle. And then ask you to come in and take all the credit. And all the profit. All of it. This is heaven for any serious marketer who is finally ready to bust out and make his fortune. It doesn't matter what market you're in, either. It's not the specifics of the market that matter. Rather, it's knowing the specifics of the AD SALES PROCESS -- so you can substitute your own details. As easily as typing in your own name instead of the one already in the ad, in some cases. Or your own little story instead of the story already in the ad. Or your own USP, or hook, or features and benefits. I'll show you how. Exactly how. And I'll do it in a way that's quick and easy and simple. This is gonna change your life. This is gonna be more fun than being reborn as a spoiled rich kid. Here's how to get in on this: I have a short stack of these DVD sets from the seminar waiting here in my office. Just give the word, and I will send an entire set to you -- including the EXACT same workbook containing all the original ads and letters we covered. You can see the whole package for FREE, if you choose, too. Because you're covered by a complete, no-nonsense, 100% money-back guarantee...

For 3 Entire Months,
No Questions Asked. You don't risk a penny. Just click on the Order Now button below. I'll have Diane, my assistant, rush-ship your package out by Federal Express Ground (in the US). And you will have an entire 3 months to check everything out. If you're not completely happy -- for any reason whatsoever -- just send the package back (in any condition), and I'll promptly refund your purchase price. No questions asked. How much? Listen carefully: My minimum fee for writing an ad is $30,000. When you factor in the royalty I tack on... you will understand why I've been paid $100,000 (and more) by clients for a single ad. (Including the ones I'm offering you.) I get the Big Bucks because what I write brings in BIGGER bucks for the client. It's a win-win situation. The five ads and letters I'm going to teach you how to "steal" have EACH been worth a FORTUNE, both to me and to the clients I wrote them for. I can't even begin to compute what the total profit has been. What does a Boeing 747 cost? I have entertained obscene offers for the exclusive rights to these ads. And I've considered licensing the boilerplates for these ads to the general public (who have no clue how great advertising works). Here's the deal: I am, essentially, offering you five fresh ads. (Because I've already done 90% of the writing and conceptualizing and selling... plus, I will teach you how to convert them.) At a bare minimum, that would cost you $150,000 if you hired me directly, at $30,000 each for the five pieces. But I'm not going to ask for anything close to that kind of money. No way. The original cost for the "License To Steal" DVD package was $999 (plus royalty arrangements for extended use). If you go to my storefront right now, that is what you will find them selling for. But, for this special offer, I'm going to waive all royalty attachments -- so you get full use of these ad templates, with no strings attached. Plus... I'm slashing that original price by HALF. Your cost: Just $499. AND... if you want... I will add the DVDs from the "Copywriting Sweatshop" seminar (which are also selling separately for $999) for just an additional $299. Total for both DVD sets: $798. Or, if you like, 2 easy payments of $419. This is less than HALF the price non-blog readers are paying on my main storefront right now. I have always tried to treat you the way I wish other businesses would treat me -- with respect and trust and over-the-top service. I completed my part in this seminar. I will FORCE you to see how masterpiece ads are created... so you can walk out with the power to do it yourself. Immediately. And I expect you to do YOUR part -- which is to simply "get" what I reveal to you... and go out and EARN A TON OF CASH with what you learn.
And man, is it ever FUN when it works like that. There's no other feeling in business like the warmth of watching your bank account EXPLODE from a killer, home run, world-class ad. That check you write to me will be the easiest one you ever write. Because it means you WON, big-time. So act now.
This is the kind of life-changing event I LOVE to have happen to me. It's like this huge fork in the road -- you're limping along with your current life, maybe bored to tears or dead-broke... and then BAM! You're off on a wild new ride that changes everything. A whole new life, and a whole new world of business success is at your fingertips here. And it all begins with the simple decision: "Yes! I want to learn these secrets!" There is NO OTHER INVESTMENT you could ever make in your future that will pay off so fast, and so richly. You can still learn how to create original ads on your own... but you just won't have to wait for success, because you'll have one of MY ads cooking for you in the meantime (with your minor changes). And you can still work on the details of your business... but you can do that while your new "ready-made" masterpiece is out there bringing in a flood of new customers and dough. I don't care what else you might have earmarked for the money needed to get in on this offer. The ONLY way you won't earn that money BACK almost immediately... is if you don't try. What I teach you has the proven power to create fast, fabulous fortunes. Your success is front-loaded. I don't care how vicious your competition is, either. Hitting back with a world-class masterpiece ad is the BEST way to steal all the customers and earn your spot as Number One in your market. Nor I don't care how inexperienced -- or experienced -- you are. I know of dozens of guys who started with zilch (no cash, no skills, no idea of even how to get started) and quickly earned MILLIONS... and they did it with world-class masterpiece ads just like these that shocked the market and demolished all other comers. All it took was being let in on the secrets. I also know several PRO'S who never quite cracked the big time... and, with just a little push from me, finally went over the top. And instantly started earning FOUR TIMES their old fee... plus having clients call them, begging to hire em. These secrets are that powerful -- they can transform beginners, and instantly knock advanced writers into the big leagues. Nor do I care what market you're in. Over my twenty years as a copywriter, I've sold just about everything there is to sell, to every kind of customer alive. I've written infomercials, web sites, direct mail, print ads, every kind of ad imaginable. I KNOW this game, inside and out. There is NOTHING you're doing, or dealing with, or facing... that I haven't written ad copy about. Okay, I'm done. It's late, and I'm going to bed. It's quiet here at night, because it's a nice, exclusive neighborhood. The skills I've mastered at copywriting bought me this peaceful existence. I pay cash for my cars, guitars and vacations (and I take a LOT of time off, because I can), I can stare down any other business expert with total confidence, I can go anywhere I want, when I want and on my terms... and the only limit to even more wealth is my basic laziness. I'm just too busy having fun and getting on with the good stuff life has to offer. Knowing how to write sales copy will get you anything and everything you desire. And having a masterpiece ad working for you can jump-start that kind of success. Literally overnight. I've told Diane to expect your order. Sincerely, John Carlton

P.S. One last thing. Learning the hidden secrets of these existing ads will give you the immediate power to use them in your own business. That's the main reason to get these DVDs. However, there is another benefit. When I started out, I constantly sought out winning ads by other writers... and tore them apart, searching for every copy secret, every sales-pumping tactic, every detail that upped response. That's how I got good. The trick, of course, was to find the winners. The business world is crammed with ads that look like winners, but aren't. I had inside help, and was able to find the ones that really were monster winners. What this means for you is obvious: You will get a deep, solid dose of how to tear apart a proven winner for the secrets it holds. Once I show you how to do it... you will be able to do it with OTHER ads and letters. Say, a Gary Halbert piece, or a Jay Abraham piece, or any of the other great writers out there. This "figure it out" talent opens the door to unbelievable wealth and success. No part of world-class copywriting will ever be a secret to you again. You'll have the keys to the kingdom. You will, in short...

Be Set
For Life!

P.P.S. Don't miss out. I will never offer another seminar like this again. These DVDs are the next best thing to "being there"... and they are now the ONLY way to learn what I taught. I'm getting more and more reclusive as I get older. I've already turned down four requests for speaking at other seminars this year -- I'm more happy to stay home and write. I have the proven chops and the confidence to teach these skills to you. Being a "fly on the wall" and watching while I reveal these secrets will send shivers through your greed gland, and introduce you to a higher level of money-making expertise. But you gotta get the DVDs. Don't put this off.

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